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The way to deal with a situation that improves a government to purchase benefit
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Since our country carries out a government formally 1998 to purchase a system oneself, gained obvious economic benefits and social benefit. The government purchases dimensions to be climbed year after year litre, from 2000 32.8 billion yuan arrive 2001 65.3 billion yuan, broke through 100 billion yuan 2002, was close to 300 billion yuan more 2006. The government is purchased purchase a quantity to grow in twice, purchase managing rate to maintain in 10% ~ 15% . Between. Of utmost reduce purchase cost, improve efficiency of finance income and expenses.

The microcosmic economic benefits that the government purchases

It is OK that the government centers unified dimensions to purchase generation dimensions benefit, reduce purchase cost, managing finance capital. Because large quantities of quantities are purchased centrally,attract a manufacturer to be participated in directly bid, reduced the current segment of commodity, get the privilege on privilege of batch of 0 price difference and after service thereby. According to statistic, the government purchases privilege of batch of medium 0 price difference can managing capital 10% the left and right sides. Because many goods, project executes a government to purchase, branch, unit can decrease purchase station, reduce branch, unit thereby the expense of corresponding personnel, realize person, money, content and the economic benefits that put a quantity to adjust managing place to bring.

The object that the government purchases is state-owned asset mostly, be purchased through the government and state-owned asset management is united in wedlock, store the detailed information that needs the asset that purchase and capital in the information library of asset management, can avoid state-owned property prediction of a person's luck in a given year effectively, promote state-owned asset management. Perfect government purchases what include communal goods not only, and include communal goods put a quantity to adjust, set office the communal article such as things of equipment, office to be between the government sector with room, office undertake surplus is adjusted or resource is shared, what can bring finance capital is managing. Practice makes clear, as mechanism of socialistic market competition introduce the progressively standardization that purchases behavior with the government, the reasonable allocation of capital of will progressively stimulative finance, raise capital to use benefit, improve the quality that purchases commodity and project.

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