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Advance side by side- do two or more things at once has been done purchase dispe
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Current, while concentration purchases orderly development, purchase dispersedly be in in fact the condition that do not have foreword, existing to be worth the problem that take seriously and solves urgently more very much, such as: Finance budget management is in condition of “ vacuum ” , the budgetary management of door of Ministry of finance to purchasing an item dispersedly takes seriously insufficient, fail generally to will purchase a project to include sectional budget the category dispersedly, the plan manages out of control, finance capital wastes a phenomenon serious; operating sequence is simple and coarse, purchase a person not less to since be dispersive,think to purchase, that is us the ” of “ housework thing that purchases a person, cannot strictly comply with " the government purchases a way " of the regulation purchase means and purchase a program to undertake; supervises ” of administrative “ vacancy operating, the supervisory job that the function branch such as finance, censorial, notarization purchases to dispersing takes seriously insufficient, camera bellows operation happens from time to tome and verify of have no way, “ often appears to purchased a person to say to calculate ” phenomenon in purchasing an activity, cause corrupt behaviour easily.

Purchase the job to be done dispersedly how, the issue closes a government to purchase the overall situation that career health develops, the issue closes a government to purchase a system whether rooted blossom and bear fruit, foreign experience makes clear, the way that the government purchases normally by concentration to transfer dispersedly, the government that purchases aggrandizement whole society through concentration at first purchases consciousness, when waiting for take root of firmly of this kind of consciousness to be in people heart, the government purchases inevitable trend dispersive mode. Purchase the job to still be in in our country in view of the government start level, what we use is concentration and the method that develop simultaneously dispersedly push this work, accordingly must synchronous standard, advance side by side- do two or more things at once, cannot a leg grows “ another leg short ” , clarify ambiguous understanding, the standard purchases behavior, solid it is urgent affairs.

Supervisory management square

Purchase supervisory administration point of view to look from the government, want to had done 4 fields work mainly.

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