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How innovate and perfect a government to purchase mode (below)
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The limits that the government purchases and influence

The government purchases the center should be economy of Party committee, government to handle affairs orgnaization, in the meantime, should be the orgnaization that purchases power on behalf of governmental exercise. Decide this, ability aggrandizement Party committee and government are led to it, be being purchased in the government below the leader of Party committee and government that is to say should be the only measure of defray of funds of function branch enterprise. The capital outside wanting a budgetary capital, budget, reach a branch to funds raised by oneself the capital that waits to always reflect nature of public finance capital, uniform the limits that brings into a government to purchase, the mandatory lead that uses Party committee and government can from go up at all the administration that straightens a government to purchase concerns. The government is purchased at present merely those who purchase catalog regulation purchase an item, in can say its transfer for a kind only currently form, return the limits that cannot say its are purchased for whole government. The limits that the government purchases, accurate tell differentiate and should be limitted from the use property of finance funds. That is to say the finance sex funds that finance funds changes the content beyond funds of standard of distributive welfare sex except the money is the government purchases limits. Once the limits that the government purchases is affirmatory, the concentration that is right of property to what answer is unified, the budgetary standard of finance funds and forehead spend still be each function branch, just be use power concentration all comes along, below the leader of this class Party committee, government, below the business leader in ranking function branch and guidance, do well to be ensured to the duty of goods and materials of each function branch. Of course, privative right of property is a thorny issue to each function branch, and interest of department of reform itself play a game of chess is a kind of labour pains. Do not have the function of branch of function of loss a tiny bit and responsibility what is more,the rather that. Make management government centers energy to do well to service interim function branch the business of cadre door.

Changeless it is opposite, changing is absolutely. As the progress of the times, the rapid development of national economy, the change of objective element, advance what administrative system reforms steadily, the duty that adjusts various function branch is imperative. Current, the government of our country the duty of each function branch or powers and authorities of office are to intersect more round, is not tangent circle. The part that intersect, advantageous will contend for, without benefit mutual shuffle, the government purchases the position with located now center is two circles to intersect part, this namely the very hard account that the government purchases the job to begin. So, straighten administrative concern, the fixed position that decide hillock, calm duty is decided duty, the limits that affirmatory government purchases and influence are compose builds socialism a of public finance system main factor.
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