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Purchase business to entrust a representative to must break local block
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In real work, the government of many places or its purchase superintendency branch to think its carry out a government to purchase the finance capital that those who use is place, always be consequently with “ budget course second for ” , the purchasing that the government that sets place clearly purchases business to must want to entrust this locality surely acts as agent orgnaization representative operation, and forbidden trust an other place purchase acting orgnaization. This encroached an other place to purchase the proper representative right of acting orgnaization not only, still cause sometimes gave not little contradiction and issue issue. To this, the author thinks, the commission that purchases business acts as agent must want to break local block, want “ to develop the limitation of ” administration area, execute “ external ” is open.

Entrust if can break through area limitation,purchase acting orgnaization, eliminate local protectionism effectively, build a more open, fairness, justice thereby purchase market order. Be in majority area, its produce a business or the amount of enterprise of flow of goods is to won't happen usually relatively change substantially, be in especially a few in in small town, the amount of the supplier is less more. Accordingly, as the elapse of time, be in especially county one class, purchase a representative orgnaization and a few suppliers almost “ is mixed ” is quite familiarly, popularity concerns also “ is in better ” more, besides, in the county one class can achieve the project that makes public invite public bidding external less, almost of 80% above purchasing an item is to pass means of “ inquiry ” to carry out purchase, consequently, to ” of whose “ inquiry, “ invites ” who attends purchase an activity to wait a moment, can by purchase acting orgnaization “ to say ” calculate. Such, violate professional ethics, to “ acquaintance ” inquiry or give out “ to invite tender document ” , the appearance that makes camera bellows operation greatly happens from time to tome. Additional, even if a few projects that make public invite public bidding external, the vendor that wants this locality only is qualified be seleted, they are in the job such as evaluation, also meet sometimes the supplier of this locality of partial ” of “ of wait for one's chance, the market order that disturbed fairness competes severely thereby, affected the quality that purchases an item and result. To this, if entrust,purchase acting orgnaization to be able to break canton region to restrict, purchase a person to its a few quality ask taller project, can entrust a few suppliers more big in of the city purchase acting orgnaization representative, such, the supplier that accords with a condition the limits of much, choice big, competition ability is strong, the fair competition mechanism that the government purchases can be formed truly.
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