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How to improve a government to purchase budget making
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Carry out a government to purchase a system, it is the serious content that strengthens reform of government spending management and the medium of effect a permanent cure that control corruption from fountainhead. The government purchases the grand opera that the system is reform of management of our country government spending, and the government purchases a budget is the premise that ensures the government purchases the job to be carried out smoothly and safeguard. Alleged government purchases a budget is to point to those who purchase mechanism to expand plan and administrative assignment staff according to the career, the year government that approves through setting a program purchases a plan. It mirrorred a budget centrally various government is used at the pay plan that the government purchases inside year, territory of the dimensions of fund income and expenses of career administration unit, business and direction were reflected on certain level, it is a branch estimated component, it is the foundation that the government purchases the job. Because our country government purchases the job to still be in,start level, the government purchases a plan how to weave and did not unite a standard. The ability that budgetary unit makes up newspaper government to purchase a plan is uneven, overall condition is goodish, when work out government purchases a budget non-standard, highbrow, purchased the job to bring certain difficulty to farther normative government. For this, the question that the author tries to purchase the budget making that encounters in real work to exist with respect to the government puts forward a few think reach its the way to deal with a situation, as a way of is referenced.

Purchase the issue that exists in budget making

Purchase an unit to purchase a budget to the government recognition is not high. The part purchases an unit to think the government purchases a budget is another budget that gets below active budget system, the government purchases plan, program is the government purchases a budget, purchase plan, plan to replace a government to purchase a budget with the government. A few units still are consisting to contend for the dish, phenomenon that grabs capital on different level, did not establish overall situation the thought of a dish of chess. Train of thought of this kind of budget making, the result that create is the budget relapses time is long, cannot decide tardy.

Sectional budget making is refined not quite. Below planned economy system, our country is the extensive that takes capital of allocation of funds, negligence seriously to use management to finance budget management. Since reforming and opening, although system of socialist market economy is in our country already work up and perfect, but the system of government spending management below the public finance system that suits to it is apparent however lag, sectional budget making is too coarse, flow at the form, and the government purchases a budget is a branch estimated organic component, it is to build the base in sectional budget making over. Accordingly, the government purchases budget making also is extensive model, be hard to operate.
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