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How innovate and perfect a government to purchase mode (on)
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The government purchases (also say: Communal purchase) already put in 200 one's remaining years in the developed country such as Europe, beauty, main effect was produced in process of development of its countryman economy. Subsequently, country and the area such as new home slope, Korea, Hong Kong also established a government to purchase an orgnaization early or late, the position that the government of the country that this shows to economy developeds and area purchases and action are very important. The government is purchased still still belong to newly emerging things in our country, approve of of the place that although still have its,does not perfect, people or object in succession, but of its foreground clue already was shown indefinitely first. Our country is socialistic country, those who execute is socialist market economy, cannot the complete copy word for word, government that copies a foreign country purchases mode, taking doctrine is doctrinairism, carrying out a proof is no good. The specific and real phase of the advanced experience that we must purchase with foreign government and our country is united in wedlock, innovate ceaselessly and perfect the government that accords with our country national condition to purchase feel type, raise a government to purchase the position in our country socialist market economy and action, in order to promote the rapid development of national economy. So, how innovate and to how innovate and perfect the government that accords with our country national condition to purchase mode? The problem that the author thinks to be like below a few respects is solved urgently and perfect.

System of organization of scientific governmental procurement control

Alleged management is to point to controller for stated goal, in place administer inside limits, to place administer the object undertakes a series of organizations are mixed executive activity. It is being included mix administer the meaning that administers two respects. Point to influence administer, processing points to the function inside attributive limits, action and technics.

Management is everything the organization coordinates working place indispensable, the function branch of government office of be in power increases ceaselessly, when the economic connection of each respect is increasingly complex, want to achieve expectant goal, the relation that with respect to need controller system of management of have the aid of coordinates each aspect, with respect to the requirement unitary organization carries out an activity, need scientific management, and the administrative system that scientific management needs to have a science will ensure.
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