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Purchase the price to must be superintended
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" purchase a way " the seventeenth regulation: “ purchases an orgnaization to undertake a government purchase an activity, ought to accord with purchase the value under the market the requirement ” of average price, make clear a regulation in the 66th: “ government purchases supervisory management department to ought to be opposite purchase an orgnaization purchase the item such as price …… to undertake assessing, announce assessment result according to the facts regularly. ” this shows, take seriously adequately what purchase the price to should cause each to concern a respect. Can be in real work, not little place ignores the supervisory government of pair of this index for a long time however, caused a lot of not due negative effects thereby, still create a not little malpractice and problem even.

Purchase issue of price respect existence

Odd a market of commodity price prep above supply valence

According to a few purchase person report, they purchase a few goods that the orgnaization purchases through concentration, its are odd a commodity fall in the circumstance that is the same as brand, coessential quantity, its are actual of settle accounts purchase the price to go up than the market actually congener, be the same as what archives is the same as brand merchandise even to supply valence tall still, essential with respect to out of the question managing purchase fund, do not know problem “ to give ” to be in where.

The on the low side such as commodity function, index

In real work, some purchase a person to mirror, they purchase the goods that come back according to legal process, although was spent,go up with the market with the price with brand same goods, but, the goods that purchases is in the side such as function, function, index is far however not as good as on the market with price commodity, they purchase the price to feel special doubt surely really to commodity.

“ binds ” other “ is paid ” serves

Some purchase a person purchase an item, entrusting after purchasing acting orgnaization, the market price that its purchase the price to compare congener commodity really wants a few lower, but put in condition of a few premise however, if add a few those who purchase a person to was not involved in purchasing demand is paid service. This coverts the land increased goods again purchase value, purchase a result to this, not little purchase a person also very feel puzzled.
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