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Purchase a standard to need to be perfected further
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The government purchases IT product to be put in standard of two kinds of technologies, one kind is the rigid technology level that determines by concerned orgnaization, be like the OOXML of Microsoft, UOF standard of home lists; here another kind is the standard of soft technology demand that establishs according to purchasing person demand, like memory frequency, show put size to wait. Expand what purchase dimensions as the government ceaselessly, the government is purchased in bigger and bigger also to the requirement controversy of soft technology standard. The purchases a person to choose product technology without oneself right of strong position? Is the government purchased this how standard of look upon technology?

The technology is the core competition ability of IT industry all the time, consequently all sorts of technology standards also are the important basis that the government purchases IT product. The process is purchased in the government in, more and more purchasing the project can specify level of a few technologies to purchase a product, and a large number of doubt that the technical standard of personalized demand often is accompanying and complain, spearhead points to the exclusiveness of technical standard mostly, hampered product, supplier enters the market.

Function appoints controversy much

Why to no matter the government is purchased,plant commodity, inevitable meeting has certain description to the product, among them because the description of technical parameter involves a product real property and the core of file of the invite public bidding that be regarded. Supplier should if the product of mark does not accord with concerned technology parameter, will be regarded as did not make materiality answer to file of invite public bidding and make invalid processing. As purchase a person of strong position strengthen ceaselessly, technical parameter requirement is more and more specific also, had arrived in detail to the regulation of technical parameter each spare partses, and this also is buried to complain played hidden trouble.

Purchase a center to purchase table computer project to be with respect to bureau of Shenyang city education with municipal government of near future Shenyang exemple, this project makes public 7000 computer of invite public bidding to all ask to deploy IntelCPU. The supplier expressed dissatisfaction to the reporter under the counter, “ government purchases computer is to should handle official bussiness, it is OK to accord with performance demand, make a demand to fittings brand why? Is the CPU of other chip insufficient the demand of door of Ministry of Education? ” although the supplier is very malcontent, but be oppugned finally without the choice and complain.
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