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Shallow talk enrol the problem that bids the law exists at present to reach sett
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Summary: Enrol bid as market economy condition below one kind is compared mature, advanced with standardization trade means, already was applied widely inside alive bound limits and popularize. Since our country bids from 80 time action the system introduces, already took the brilliant course that passed 27 years. Come 27 this years, chinese action bids the domain got expanding ceaselessly, from pure project, extend project, goods to purchase the many territories such as kimono Wu industry stage by stage. Action bid system of law law plan is formed basically already, action bid trade group also has been formed stage by stage.

Bid to engineering trick for, action bid the system contracts as the project, the main form that sends a package, already was carried out extensively in the project project construction of international, home, it is one kind is full of purchase way emulatively, the important adjustment that be market economy method, it not only the supplier that has chosen for owner and contractor, and still can optimize resource configuration, form the market mechanism of superior bad discard, its essence feature is “ ” of sufficient competition of open, fair, just ” and “ .

Invite public bidding of executive construction project bids since ” of project of sunshine of a “ , it is an act that prevents corruption from fountainhead. Carry out a proof, action bid the system is to compare the project with mature and reasonable science bear the means that send a package, also be to assure the project quality, optimal way that accelerates project plan. But, in recent years project invite public bidding bids domain case also happens from time to tome, from what investigate a few in violating the case that violate discipline, discover invite public bidding bids the job from sign up, qualificatory prejudication and invite public bidding bid the process of the operation and postmortem supervise the link such as the examination to existing amlposition and vacancy phenomenon, also expose an action to bid working system and administrative mechanism are not perfected at the same time reach legal system is diseased the flaw that waits for a respect and weak point.

Although our country published all sorts of relevant law, code in succession, because our country is in the specific history phase of economic society transition, market mechanism is not perfect still, administrative system reform still does not reach the designated position, action bid mechanism of the system in the job restrains diseased, democratic legal system to be not supervised reach the designated position, the phenomenon that industry self-discipline management does not fulfil still is met surrive.
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