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How to strengthen invite public bidding to bid the later period of the project m
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7 ” are about to launch the “ god boat that attract worldwide attention enter the space. At the appointed time, chinese spacefarer will give cabin to undertake aerospace walks first, hand in meeting butt joint and the construction that the space stands to lay technical foundation for next dimensional aircrafts.


The personage inside course of study thinks, the technical breakthrough of 7 ” will make “ mind the more portion of market of spaceflight of commerce of international of Chinese race to control, come nearly 5 years total assets of industry of spaceflight war industry and advocate of scale of business Wu income grow to also make clear quickly continuously, the industry of enterprise of spaceflight war industry upgraded to had come true to commercialize change make the new pattern that grows with denotative type.


7 ” God will make “ mind milepost


There ever was many spaceflight economy expert to express before this, in spaceflight industry every throw 1 yuan, can get is as high as 8 - 12 yuan drive benefit, dimensions of industry of estimation China spaceflight can be achieved thousands of 100 million. The divine boat that is about to launch 7, will become undoubtedly draw the main power that uses development of estate of Chinese spaceflight economy, the rocket that 7 ” break through “ god, manned spaceflight and aerospace walk wait for new and high technology, the more portion of market of spaceflight of commerce of international of your China race to control. Accordingly, god of 7 blasting off will be 2008 the milepost that spaceflight industry grows.


On the working conference at the beginning of this year, division of former national defence is versed in appoint exposure, future comes 5 years 10 years inside, our country will be built a variety of functions and a variety of orbit, by the dimensional infrastructure that a variety of satellite systems constitute, the system of network of unifinication of heaven and earth that uses a system to form perfect, successive, long-term stability to move with satellitic ground. Besides, still complete the basis our country manned spaceflight 2 period project task, build the dimensional lab that flies independently in course, develop succeeding activity of manned spaceflight project; Moon of the our country that finish is explored 2 period project task, realize moon soft landing and automatic and perambulatory reconnaissance, begin a moon to explore 3 period the early days research of the project. As base of our country space construction speed is accelerated, the development that the property uses related will rise appear on the market the gain ability of the company.
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