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To purchasing human rights benefit should undertake restricting
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Active purchased law to gift purchase a person to cross old right, the corrupt behaviour that causes a likelihood to exist still hides purchasing a person individually in, the agency staff that views overweightly to individual interest especially won't be let off absolutely purchase an opportunity, misuse of authority, conspire expedience. The existence of this one phenomenon is affected badly and restricting the development process that purchases lawfully.

Purchase human rights benefit to remain standard

In light of the flow that purchases an activity from the government, the right that purchases a person basically has the following.

One, set supplier is special qualificatory condition and qualification test. Announcement of certain invite public bidding is specific conditional set often not reasonable, it is for a few supplier quantity even the body is custom-built, restricted fair competition, consequently constant regular meeting brings about a supplier to answer an amount be not worth 3, created a condition to abandon mark and avoid invite public bidding.

2, protocol is specific purchase demand and contract main provision. Buy what kind of product, purchased a person to say to calculate, the supplier is made with photograph of rich and generous “ rake-off ” , do decide a few feebleminded agency people. Prostrate what fall in monetary foot to purchase personnel to ask to appoint with the reason of a few high-sounding purchase some kind of brand product of some kind of type, impart these information supplier incite sb to do sth beforehand ” of equipment of its “ cable. Purchase a person to go up to also can do “ article ” greatly in the contract provision such as the payment, time that offer money, responsibility of breach of contract, especially slashing payment can make supplier not battle and retreat.

3, purchase person delegate to participate in judge mark, negotiation, inquiry to wait purchase an activity. It is with activity of invite public bidding exemple, purchase a person to although cannot appear in the spot that review bid with expert identity,be represented, but the important composition personnel that its are the committee that review bid after all, its behavior can cause misdirect to other commissioner, or direct incite sb to do sth is other the commissioner has the evaluation verdict that violates justice with making, consequence is quite big. “ representing ” knows very well to some is grasped to evaluate advantageous position in the hand, the supplier nature of “ clever ” won't forget, search then hire, buy those who hire is dirty trade to arise.
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