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The concentration on net of medicines and chemical reagents is purchased change
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New medical service changes closer and closer from us. Must admit, this is change brand-newly, change in this in, of medical industry old order and pattern also will produce change subsequently. Invite public bidding, what kind of change will the link that the personage inside this course of study pays close attention to generally produce? Two articles that this periodical publishs are mixed from theory respectively practice, past and the penetrating judgment that wait for different point of view to show a writer in the future.

2008, the bugle that new medical service changes already blow, specific plan after many discuss, although had not come on stage finally, but fundamental direction is already clear. This will be the ” of domino of the first piece of “ that medical industry reforms, come on stage as it, medical industry is relevant the adjustment of policy unavoidable, whole industry is faced with change unprecedentedly bureau.

The concentration on net of medicines and chemical reagents purchases the important facet that current domain reforms the medicine in changing as new medical service, what course to follow? It is the mode of purchase and sale of changeover medicines and chemical reagents of bear science, realize the important task that current system reforms, still be confine at settling trade expenses of bribery, medical treatment rises, common people “ sees a doctor difficult ” and “ see a doctor the expensive ” heavy policy end that cannot bear; is each province each district lets a hundred flowers blossom, person of mode square law is dazzling, or the country establishs relatively unified regulation and method, directive each district purchases; centrally is continuance 308, the relatively logical policy way that provides in 320 files tries the adjustment of means, still save each continue to innovate to change plan to carry out eve with pilot …… new medical service, examine our country medicines and chemical reagents to center the course that invite public bidding purchases, will make us more clear policy direction, the future of the trend that purchases centrally on net of the medicines and chemical reagents after identifying pure and fresh cure to change and medical enterprise.

We had taken the history so

Review our country medicines and chemical reagents to be purchased centrally from initiative exploration, carry out carry out, adjust to policy, the course of 15 years of development that mode innovates (the) that be like a graph, although have twists and turns among them, relapse, but as a whole medicines and chemical reagents centers invite public bidding to purchase a system current to improving medicine, normative medicines and chemical reagents purchased means to remove tremendous propulsion action, the effect be obvious to all of policy. Especially since 2001, chinese medicine industry is facing the unprecedented policy challenge on the history, government, hospital, production manages enterprise, patient, intermediary, media to wait to contradict with all possible means outstanding show, medicines and chemical reagents centers invite public bidding to purchase a system to also enter establish and fast hair exhibition period, have scientific understanding and regard 7 years this only, ability transfers smoothly what implement policy, for the development of medical industry will lay next foundations henceforth.
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