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Build and normative and urgent government purchases a mechanism
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The government purchases a law to purchase way government of the regulation in one chapter purchases use the following means: Open invite public bidding, invite invite public bidding, emulative negotiation, single source to purchase, what inquiry and government of the State Council purchase supervisory management department to maintain is other purchase way. The way that so the government purchases is not onefold, however of diversity. If where not to violate the condition of concerned law laws and regulations to fall, use a government to purchase according to particular case all sorts of purchasing means, it is to increase the crucial seat that purchases efficiency. In be being purchased centrally especially, accelerate the occurrence with all sorts of new cases ceaselessly as what purchase rhythm, need fibrous root occupies actual condition, be practical and realistic, agile ground applies all sorts of purchasing means. The way that the government purchases and program also want with when all is entered, development innovation. Current, the government purchases means and program in, besides average order, simple and easy program, return the way that should explore lash-up government to purchase and program. The article plans to be purchased to urgent government a few discuss.

The characteristic that urgent government purchases

Urgent government is purchased is to point to if fight calamity rush to deal with an emergency, epidemic situation,be in pressing, war arouse, below the critical condition such as the goods that is badly in need of a need and equipment, the government that has to finish pressing job purchases an activity. Its characteristic is as follows: It is to purchase the task to tighten with purchase the contradiction with high demand. Urgent government purchases an activity to often matter to the emergencies of security of a few states or safety of people property life, it asks to purchase time Wu necessary and constrictive, purchase a program serious also happen by chance and simple. But purchase time weak point and purchase a program to tighten representing pair of governments to purchase an object to ask to reduce, rather, because urgent government purchases the value of oneself purpose, it also is very tall to purchasing the index such as the quality of the object to ask. 2 it is purchase department onefold the contradiction with supplier diversity. The purpose sex that because its are peculiar,urgent government purchases an activity and pressing sex, purchasing principal part is onefold commonly, and cannot resemble other purchase a project to undertake big batch concentration purchases calculated to purchase benefit in order to rise in that way. The supplier that urgent government purchases often is not single a certain vendor, this is the object that purchases as a result of urgent government not be what some kind of special commodity causes certainly, the final choice that be purchased for urgent government so gave a difficult problem. 3 it is to purchase a method changeful contradict with what purchase behavior standardization.
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