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Milk powder incident and multistage procurement control
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Milk powder incident develops up to now, because of,had had more than 10000 children this be in hospital. Incident cannot call not quite. There is powdered milk before this kind incident of big head baby, toy kind incident of the coating that contain lead, because fittings quality problem suffers a brand again and again,harm to Chinese car. The happening of these problems is not the problem of finished product manufacturer it seems that. However the problem of upriver supplier. Can of upper reaches make a holiday is manufacturer innocent? Niu Gensheng of unconscious ox president spoke: “ ignorance is guilty ” such heavy sentence. Niu Gensheng says at the same time: “ is before responsibility, the choice of our only bears a complete responsibility namely! The method no more than that he speaks ” to be in charge of to consumer is to call in poisonous milk powder, pay medical treatment cost to reach strengthen detect. Can is the problem to detect can you ensure the fish that there is escape unpunished? Can you discover besides 3 get together does cyanogen amine still have the poisonous additive of other? If do not have the safeguard of this respect, by what can the enterprise be in charge of to consumer again? Recurrent other problem, come out again is “ in charge of ” ? Manage together, other coating won't produce besides the coating that contain lead after toy manufacturer can assure poisonous problem. Must mix appeared in the market euqally last serious problem, just seek raw material supplier later? This is the issue that the article should discuss: How to control the quality of upriver raw material. Especially how do problems of those raw material quality that having supplier of raw material of multistage upper reaches get controlling.

Milk company is purchased to grandma station, the grandma stands to the grandma farming purchase. Toy factory purchases coating, paint factory purchases industrial chemicals. Truckload the factory purchases car lock, the car locks up a factory to purchase lock fittings, lock fittings factory purchases special type steel. Be in China as to transnational corporation OEM, it is the issue that involves multistage raw material to supply more. Here business of end item production is in condition of out of control basically to the supply of raw material of multistage upper reaches. Because arrive from primary raw material,the reason is finished product is finishing many produce segment, cause supervisory difficulty. And the asymmetry that produces field of raw material information in the product will bring about certain supplier jerry behavior happens ceaselessly. Use in end item when problem of raw material quality when be being discovered in the process, the quality of the product has been harmed, company brand also is damaged at the same time. This milk powder incident damages the brand that is whole milk industry, it is the brand that China makes alive group even.
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