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7 aggrandizement perfect a government to purchase superintendency mechanism (on)
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" the government purchases a way " carry out 5 years to come, the government purchases a system to purchase interest of state of the behavior, use benefit that raises finance fund, protection and society in normative government processing of public interest, fountainhead is corrupt, the respect such as progress of stimulative economy society is developing outstanding contribution. However, on conference of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of this whole nation, how did “ strengthen ” of governmental procurement control to become committee members to heat up the topic that discuss. Committee members of 6 the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference referred " mix soundly about accelerating the proposal that pursues our country government to purchase a system in the round " , the appeal should strengthen governmental procurement control further, normative government purchases behavior, raise finance capital to use efficiency. Common saying says, be glad to have one's errors pointed out. Purchase superintendency branch as the government, answer to purchase process proceed with of the activity from the government, face up to superintendency flaw, ground of suit the remedy to the case improves working method, innovation superintends mode, perfect superintendency mechanism, increase superintendency strength, safeguard good government to purchase each legitimate rights and interests of square party, make ” of project of good “ sunshine.

Put the issue that be in currently

Superintend not as clear as executive manage. Because various government is right the focal point that the government purchases a system to reform and jumping-off place are different, superintend, division of labor of executive function duty is differ, each district handles a case actually different, put in polarization phenomenon. Carry out again on one hand light superintend, the setting that the government purchases actuator is far on level outclass superintends an orgnaization, subject place government, regarded superintendency orgnaization as the one part of actuator, management function forces actuator, make actuator is in celebrated position, influence too concentration, form state of ” of superintendency “ vacuum, hard to avoid can produce “ camera bellows to operate ” , concentration the behavior such as corruption. In addition, after “ canal collects ” to depart, purchase superintendency orgnaization to be set inside door of Ministry of finance, do not have independence execute the law main body qualification, lack of power to the superintendency nature of actuator, thereby law gifts the vacancy of supervisory examination function of door of Ministry of finance. On the other hand light carry out superintend again, let superintend sectional “ hand to be extended so that grow ” too, manage “ offside ” , superintend executive all to wrap all to pull, establish actuator far from, ” of collect “ ref and “ athlete ” at a suit, purchase the market to trade through government of administrative measure interpose directly activity, executive process lacks open transparency apparently, as a result appears receive the illegal behavior such as dereliction of duty of bribery, manipulate power for personal ends, malpractice.
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