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7 aggrandizement perfect a government to purchase superintendency mechanism (bel
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Aggrandizement purchases budgetary management. The government is purchased purchase estimated work out and give an official are the starting point that the government purchases the job and crucial link. Should hold purchase estimated oneness. Each budget unit should budget of be accompanying department unites work out government to purchase a budget together, form unified whole with sectional budget, both cannot cut apart to come, capital budget and purchase a budget to be united thoroughly rise, careful calculation and strict budgeting, clear government purchases limits, purchase source of project and standard, financing, purchase way, take care of bit of project truly, managing purchase fund. 2 should hold purchase estimated comprehensive sex and integrality. The government of each budget unit purchases a budget, will plan as a whole financial capacity and refine purchase an item close together union rises, from purchase project, capital, behavior to try to analyse unified edit a newspaper, must not fail to report sth, empty newspaper, hide the truth from a newspaper, holiday of “ of avoid by all means, big, empty ” , do ” of “ deficit budget or ” of “ eat one's corn in the blade, must according to the facts, thoroughly report gives the government with budgetary entire unit to purchase an activity. 3 should execute a government to purchase system of budgetary give an official. Legal effectiveness is had after the government purchases a budget to be approved via various people's congress, aggrandizement its law position, effective safeguard government purchases fund, assure to purchase mobile on the rails, restrain rigidly thereby purchase behavior.

Aggrandizement acts as agent to purchasing mobile superintendency. It is the standard purchases a person to act as agent to purchasing the choice action of the orgnaization. Purchase the item of catalog to bringing into concentration, in purchasing a person to should concern what the branch maintains a qualification to purchase acting orgnaization from government of province above people preferred choose, prevent to purchase the behavior that break up the whole into parts escapes the person to be purchased centrally, overcome the optional sex that purchases person selected choose to purchase acting orgnaization, make purchase acting action open and transparent, build purchase acting market environment goodly. 2 it is to entrust acting both sides to should purchase item clearly in order to entrust the form of acting agreement lawfully, agree bilateral right is compulsory, hold good part fixed position, each its are in charge of, protect very bilateral interest. 3 it is to guard a pass purchase acting process. Purchase acting orgnaization to ought to stand on open, just, fair footing, from the issuance that purchases information, execution that purchases a program, purchase a contract check and accept, the disbursement that purchases fund each link such as the process execute sunshine operation, the interest of both sides of supply and demand of give attention to two or morethings, modest accept superintendency branch supervise. 4 it is to supervise purchase acting site. Supervise cooperation of sectional concerted effort with each administration, the aptitude that should strengthen pair of governments to purchase orgnaization of intermediary of representative of invite public bidding, invite public bidding, qualification is maintained examine and approve the job, action of representative of normative invite public bidding. Fan Da is less than a condition, have hang those who rely on personnel, hang especially rely on in various administration to be in charge of a branch not unhook, or bright take off in the dark not of unhook, aptitude of invite public bidding can be examined and approve anything but. To invite public bidding at the same time acting aptitude should bring into trends government limits, should include a yearly check the content of assessment. Should purchase action of representative of invite public bidding to strengthen to the government supervise regularly, once happen great violate compasses, the phenomenon that violates discipline happens should from heavy punishment, serious person can get online announce “ blacklist ” to be violated twice continuously compasses can show caution of ” of “ yellow shop sign, cancel acting qualification, close down is rectified, purify a government to purchase market of representative of invite public bidding, run lawfully, put an end to a person to be mixed for the element malfeasant, activity specification purchases acting action, ground of utmost of do one's best is contented purchase demand, safeguard good government to purchase figure.
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