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Draw lessons from international experience to perfect a government to purchase s
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The government purchases a system is to strengthen a budget the expenses administration, serious content that builds the public finance system that suits with photograph of market economic system, our country is put in the blemish of a few reality however in pursueing a course, and a lot of problems are mixed with the lack of supervisory mechanism invalid about. For this, answer to go up in the foundation that draws lessons from the international experience that the government purchases, government of perfect our country purchases supervisory mechanism, explore hard give a responsibility clear, influence is made each other judge, the government that controls each other purchases supervisory mechanism.

The government purchases supervisory connotation

The government is purchased supervising is to show the government purchases supervisory principal part to purchase mobile behavior to whether accord with relevant law, code, regulations to the government and undertake supervise. Its supervisory object is mechanism of governmental procurement control, government purchases center, buying order, supplier. What any countries and area implementation government purchase legal system is effective supervise, generally speaking, must have 5 to make element, namely: The supervisory principal part that the government purchases a way, supervisory object, supervisory specific content, supervisory power and right, supervisory hypostatic regulation and program are regular. Those who change character, the government is purchased will supervise by who, who to supervise, supervisory what, be supervised with what and supervise. The job is purchased in the government in, by purchase executive order to be able to be divided plan for the work out, examine and approve project approving, purchase, check and accept 4 phase. Different purchase a project to be in of different operation phase supervise with restrict the multiple sex that forms a government to purchase supervisory principal part, supervisory method and the diversity of supervisory method. The supervisory tie mechanism that the government purchases a system must close and strong supervise reach the designated position. In the meantime, it is those who make the government purchases a system to carry out do not sell at a discount, fulfil not make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth, must lead system of job responsibility clearly with aggrandizement, according to “ the whose director, principle that who is in charge of ” , from above to below is layer upon layer fulfil a person, form thereby catch condominium together, the superintendency pattern of integral linkage.

Perfect government purchases the necessity of supervisory mechanism

Supervisory examination mechanism lacks independent supervisory main body. Our country " the government purchases a way " although united a government to purchase the supervisory principal part in the market, stipulate various finance department purchases the director office of the object for the government clearly, but because still existing another law " invite public bidding bids law " . Cause is common the supervisory main body in purchasing the market had be notted unite actually, various hair changes appoint still be in with relevant executive authority the dual role that holds athlete and ref part-time, what make phasing answer severally is communal purchase administrative regulations, what belong to oneself administer respectively is communal purchase an item. In our country active communal purchase jurisprudence to fall, still put in the supervisory main body with multivariate move, had not entered the supervisory field of vision of various finance department for the most part.
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