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Draw lessons from international experience to perfect a government to purchase s
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Make clear what the government purchases to control a target. The supervisory mechanism that build and perfects a government to purchase should solve what the government purchases to control object problem. The government purchases behavior is purchase the floorboard that plans to purchase whole process behavior from the government, involve all governments to purchase party. Accordingly, be being supervised to what the government purchases should be right the government purchases what all party and government purchase whole process to supervise. Will tell from the angle of party, the government purchases supervisory target to have: Concentration purchases unit of orgnaization, budget, supplier, government to purchase intermediary acting orgnaization and other purchase concerned section and orgnaization with the government. Differentiate by the process, the supervisory object that the government purchases has: Supervise to what the government purchases budget and government to purchase a plan, supervise to what the government purchases a project to purchase each program etc. Among them, the government purchases concentration to purchase an orgnaization supervise and be being supervised to what the government purchases a program is the government purchases supervisory key, but supervise to what the government purchases other target same cannot do one thing and neglect another.

Perfect government purchases law to supervise. Perfecting the government with form a complete set to purchase jurisprudence is the legal safeguard that the government purchases a system and behavior basis, what purchase a system to move from the government is exterior, the form that supervises a mechanism with prep above interior purchases whole process to undertake supervisory to the government, promote a government to purchase a process thereby lawfully administration, according to legal principle money. Look from the trend, should build perfect government to purchase law, code and policy system system, basis law begins supervisory work, make the government purchases an activity to have Zhang Ke abide, the law can be depended on, break the law but investigate. Law supervises a mechanism to be able to raise a government to purchase regular authority greatly, effective keep within limits and precaution violate compasses act potentially. In the meantime, want a basis " the government purchases a way " , combine our region actual condition, draft corresponding local code. Through code clear administration supervises mechanism to purchase the specific responsibility that has supervisory to the government, make clear the operating sequence of a few form a complete set that the government purchases. Divide this beyond, decide governmental purchase department to report to National People's Congress regularly through legislative plan system.

System of perfect government procurement control. It is to build commissioner management system. Make a commissioner strictly retain a requirement, purchase center, concerned supervisor to undertake qualificatory examine and verify by orgnaization of governmental procurement control, government. Before the behavior standard of clear commissioner and code of conduct, commissioner is reviewing bid, the medium, right after is compulsory, and the relevant duty that violates a system and processing method. 2 it is to should build clear, open government to purchase operating sequence, what aggrandizement government purchases the job is daily supervise, make system of standard of operating sequence of one a complete set of. Raise diaphaneity energetically at the same time, purchase a process publicly, accept cordially supervise, purchase publicly catalog, purchase duty of plan, job, purchase information, purchase means and commissioner to form, all sorts of the regulation that review bid and; of the method that review bid are open purchasing; makes public the specific operating sequence of means the contract is signed, put on record examine, carry out supervise, make particular operation personnel handles affairs strictly by operating sequence, each link of operating rules park is supervised effectively under. 3 it is to should be executed pay audit system. Door of Ministry of finance is pressed check and accept what report, settle accounts proves and purchase a contract to concern a provision, undertake purchasing the close an account of capital with the supplier, want to examine the property that purchases fund, origin and whereaboutldirection strictly when settle accounts, contrast purchase a contract to examine payment, pay time and amount. 4 it is to execute benefit to evaluate a system. Purchase unit and management, supervisory branch to undertake assessment to the item that already purchased, assessment content basically has purchase dimensions, purchase the rough draft of cost, managing, mark that avoids “ camera bellows to operate ” to bring to run circumstance and effect, will supervise according to this purchase quality, measure purchase a project to succeed. 5 it is to should be executed check and accept a system. Purchase a contract to sign or after the supplier already fulfilled a contract, should organize a government to purchase a center, purchase staff of unit and governmental procurement control, supervisory department to honorring the agreement the circumstance undertakes checking and accept.
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