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Perfect government purchases a system to must follow 7 big principles (on)
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Our country " the government purchases a way " the 3rd specific provision, the government is purchased ought to follow open and transparent principle, fair competition principle, just equal principle and honest credence principle. The government purchased a system to had applied 10 years in our country, development is rapid, gained greater success, but because start later, the government purchases the issue that a few earnestly still exist to need to solve in the process that the system is developing, these problems restricted our country government badly to purchase the success of the career, joining especially WTO and " the government purchases a way " promulgate executive circumstance formally to fall, we should accelerate a government to purchase the process of reform, conform with international convention, must broom and the obstacle that overcome development road to go up, but the author thinks, want to perfect a government to purchase a system, should be perfected further mainly above all and follow following 7 big principles.

Emulative principle. The government is purchased introduced competitive mechanism, competition is the biggest characteristic that the government purchases. Competition is the power that the thing expands, the government purchases the concept that proposes sufficient competition. The competition of the oldest rate realizes the main goal that the government purchases between the person that offer through promoting supplier, contractor or service. Pass competition, form buyer's market, make bidder provide better commodity, technology and service, try to drop a product cost and bid quote, form favorable to buyer competition situation thereby, can purchase high grade goods with inferior value.

On international, the government purchases a when the standard all purchases emulative principle as the government important principle. World bank thinks, to achieve a goal best method is implementation international emulative invite public bidding, for the bids business offers competitive contract opportunity of all member country. Accordingly, emulative also should be our country government purchases one of working importunate principles.

Make public sexual principle. Open and transparent it is the government purchases one of basic principles that must follow, the government purchases those who be known as “ sunshine to fall to trade ” , result from namely this. The government purchases capital to originate taxpayer, insist to make public only transparent, ability attends a government to purchase the environment that provides fair competition for the supplier, the use circumstance that purchases to the government for the public has effective supervisory creation requirement. Open sex principle is the law that shows concerned government is purchased, policy, program and purchase a process to reach purchase a result to want to make public, purchase mechanism to use public fund to undertake purchasing, have administrative responsibility to the public, be sure to carry out a government carefully to purchase policy and make purchase have diaphaneity, make the government purchases an activity to be run below completely transparent condition, comprehensive, extensive acceptance is supervised. Open sex principle makes purchase law and program to have can forecast a gender, be helpful for bidding business is forecasted enter the cost that bid and venture, put forward most reasonable price; at the same time, open sex principle still is helpful for preventing to purchase orgnaization and its superior director to make optional or the behavior of impropriety or decision, increase to bid business shares the hope that purchase and wins the bid potentially thereby.
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