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The government purchases resource to answer reasonable adjust
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No matter be,adjust from the scientific configuration of resource, reasonable combination, macroscopical lever, the success that still reduces resources waste, renewable resources from utmost ground yields new value waits angle a moment, will be drive and implementation government is communal purchase a career good the safeguard of premise of rapid forward development. Do not look down upon resource to adjust trade with property right action, pledge actually even if be opposite all and communal (country, collective and besides demesne and outside all asset) allocate 2 times and attemper, show the tremendous potential that its resource configures adequately namely. Change character, namely communal all specific, unused or some kind of commodity enters the market, do business or adjust, implementation value and benefit are the greatest change.

Administrative institution has large quantities of fixed assets, it is to ensure its career normal function exercise and movement must corporeal foundation. Because main body of asset management responsibility is ambiguous, the system is diseased, especially the financial accounting system of the institution is put in a lot of inadequacy, cause difficult accord with of fact of fixed assets Zhang, unused waste and prediction of a person's luck in a given year serious; although in recent years upper body allots a lot of files, system and method, undertook a lot of good pilot mood are explored, but, did not form relatively scientific and whole management system up to now. So, the author thinks, resource is made adjusting ability reasonably is to drive a government to purchase a career to come true good main put oneself in another's position is raised before rapid forward development again the following now 2 respects.

Body forgets ” resource to be activationed to rise afresh in “ now respect. Was to change administrative institution to manage system “ the pattern of impending ” , various assets administration is opposite slue administrative institution is state-owned the posture that conformity of circumstance of asset management natural resources does not reach the designated position, can straighten basically by the country endowment appoint be in charge of; of duty of assets of institution of administration of state-owned company assets and administration of various finance department to change to be opposite before the assets administrative power of administrative institution duty the case; with not quite clear or not quite meticulous duty, although ” of two temporary measure has allotted the “ of the Ministry of finance, but the follow-up that does not have detailed rules, management is more general, cannot be in charge of more reach the designated position ─ ─ is in basic level especially prefectural class is more outstanding, often attend a meeting without corresponding orgnaization, hair file, calm detailed rules, the state; that is in charge of ” of “ start off and “ very hard to enter ”) of the right path 3 change course of management of speak or sing alternately second mix not quite clearly relevant class second operation rises difficult also situation; 4 change administrative system (detailed rules) diseased phenomenon (the country is in local structural reorganization is medium 1998 cancel, execute the law main body qualification not answer existence, significant supervisory not be in a position is mentioned, fixed assets of a lot of institutions purchases the enter an item in an account when differring, management is very confused) ; is specific especially county system of the supply and marketing of one class, commissariat (although some already changed make, but not complete, still stay have ”) of “ blind angle, cannot manage more unmanned also go dogging management, caused the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of asset. Bind of system of accounting of finance affairs of unit of estate of 5 government affairs changing one's profession is lack of power, the institution financial regulation with the problem active; that management does not reach the designated position and accounting system, ask somewhat to fixed assets charge to an account, but, specific to an unit, phenomenon of Wu of Zhang of processing of ” of two temporary measure returns the “ that just did not come on stage by financial regulation and Ministry of finance pitch is occurring differently; together with, measure lag, restrict measure to be not gotten force, bring about fixed assets business accounting disloyal. Appropriate of capital of unit of estate of 6 government affairs changing one's profession does not have department of as various as the phenomenal; that has asset couple finance to be when defray of budget of arrangement institution department, especially reparative cost and capital construction defray, produce rate without referenced average per capita, cause the corporeal fortune that enjoys between the unit some gain, configuration is unscientific and unreasonable. Prediction of a person's luck in a given year of assets of unit of estate of 7 government affairs changing one's profession is serious, main show is in: Purchase not charge to an account, optional deal with, Zhang fact nots agree with, do not clear for long, the money that mistakes of some career legal person consider as him suffering thinks how the flower is spent wait for a phenomenon, this already made the ” of cancer of the biggest “ of property prediction of a person's luck in a given year and hidden trouble.
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