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Perfect government purchases a system to must follow 7 big principles (below)
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Protect ethical economy, raise principle of national economy competition ability. Since reforming and opening, as home market progressively and open, foreign product and supplier enter home market in great quantities, the market is increasingly rich, and the quality of foreign product rises generally, unit of a few budgets should be had only pay ability, it is product of first foreign country commonly. Although some domestic products are complete quite can applicable its need, and have price advantage, also not be willing to buy. In a lot of mechanism, small to pencil, arrive greatly computer, it is product of foreign famous brand. Aggravate of this kind of practice the difficult position that domestic company survives and expands, harmed national interest badly, influence government purchases the implementation of the target. The government purchases capital to basically originate the taxes that taxpayer hands in, since these capital come at civilian, also ought to use at civilian, pass namely purchase Wu of kimono of native goods, project, support the development of domestic company, maintain public interest and national interest.

Face the challenge of economic globalization, the government purchases the ” of “ fresh troops that makes protective nation economy. Our country regards Asia-Pacific economy as the important member that collaboration organizes, state at latest arrives clearly already quits and as open as each member country government purchased the market 2020. Join WTO as our country (WTO) , " the government purchases an agreement to leave us also no longer distant, our country will blend in international economy globalization stage by stage, progressively and open government purchases the market. Actually, our country government purchases the market to went up to be full of mixed entrance product already, and the product of company of our country nation infiltrates the government of exotic nation purchases the market very hard, the imparity that this gets on with respect to fact of form accomplish sth. Accordingly, purchase a system to give aid to with the government the ethical industry that has competition ability, protective nation economy has important economic strategy sense to enhancing our country comprehensive national power.

Although WTO and APEC ask open government purchases the market, but also not be complete liberalize and internationalization, different level land withheld each country government the power that economy of country of homeland of a few protection expands, some more consistent purchase a project to withhold domestic company, inside fair value difference preferential the product that buys native company. There never is strong ethical industry at the back of which economy powerful nation, accordingly, in open market competition environment, use a government to purchase this huge purchasing power system to protect ethical economy to appear particularly important.

Enlarge the limits that the government purchases and dimensions principle. Our country government purchases dimensions latent capacity tremendous, if press the government on international to purchase the current requirements computation that occupies GDP10% commonly, at present the government purchases our country dimensions should achieve 1 trillion yuan of above, and our country government purchased dimensions to be 400 billion yuan merely 2007, government of visible our country purchases dimensions to having vast ascendant space. The government purchased dimensions to go up, ability produces scope effect, macroscopical to the move since whole countryman economy adjustment action. At present our country " the government purchases a way " regulation, the government purchases limits to include goods, project and service 3 kinds big, but because our country government purchases a system to practice time,do not grow, the product that should bring into a government to purchase limits originally more very much has not been brought into come in, especially the project is purchased, current project is purchased mostly maintenance of project of bureau be confined to, demolish etc, and of the building of major area build, rebuild wait for a project to had been not brought into completely come in. Accordingly, of whole public sector purchase limits and dimensions to answer to decide according to the need of public sector and the property that purchase goods. But, because our country government purchases a system to start later, the phase that still lies to develop actively at present, a lot of answering bring into " the government purchases a way " adjustment communal expenses conduct still did not bring into standard management, compare with developed country photograph, the opposite scope that our country government purchases is too little. Original government is purchased even if a play purchases the scope effect of commodity, managing with the system that uses limited finance fund effectively, limits too narrow, scope is too little the advantage that produces a government to purchase a system hard, raise cost instead even. Accordingly, enlarge the limits that the government purchases and dimensions, should be the special principle that our country government purchases development to return completely not mature period.
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