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How to raise a government to purchase review bid rigorous sex (below)
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The project is checked and accept, construction organization, fill slant the regulation of error correction respect. We are thinking, of few number factitious what can purchase a government the duty that the contract performs level, push purchase central body to go up to what choose supplier right only, because purchase a person to purchase understanding of the lack on the program to the government,be admittedly, still take a walk to the society even, incorrectly relay an erroneous information, cause established fact, leader by becloud, issue orders error, blow government is purchased original very flimsy nerve, but introspective ego, purchase a center to be in a few single out the careless omission that go up and handles detail to go up, indirect ground is indulgent also the happening of similar problem, if be opposite on file of invite public bidding,this kind of problem did not clarify clearly, purchase a center to did not exercise the right that good conduct propaganda declares, incite later period averment to rise to also lack grasper, accordingly, in the mark book phase that make we are about nip in the bud, acceptable to the project method of main body, means, penalize the pertinent question such as the program of organization of regulation, construction, issue that how handles the discovery in checking and accept wants to make clear demand, purchase a person clearly to be opposite the legal liability of afore-mentioned content, prevent what later period appears to dispute over trifles phenomenon. Had such regulation of course, purchase a center when chairing open sealed tenders can more one is assured and bold with justice, this kind of common sense again lengthy and tedious to purchase person, supplier, undertake conduct propaganda to the society through them then, why is not the conduct propaganda that purchases to the government! Should say, do the suspicion that contains responsibility of absolve of a few ego so, but the environment is purchased in current government in, also of be forced to do transitional practice, what a kind of ego protects is politic, also be to purchase a center to change passivity to be active, change decayed for magical clever pen.

The particular operation measure that the project pays and detail explain. The project of the contract pays to often make the right in purchasing hand, still can evolve into crime even, the supplier is not not to want to beg lawfully, but below the actual state that makes weak force group loathly in contract status asymmetry, supplier, so called contract raises a requirement to the supplier merely, purchase a person provision of contract of OK and wanton trample, then normal supply demand relations became trade relation. Purchase an orgnaization to often become a supplier to denounce those who want contract money to give inflator, because you purchase a center to organize invite public bidding the item, alleged bad luck has head debt advocate. But purchase a center very injustice, oneself are only according to purchase a plan to carry out just, the person of passive examine and verify of capital is a government purchase superintendency branch those who do, and it is its function place, the supplier does not divide the behavior of green red black and write, indirect specification purchases the awkwardness of orgnaization position centrally. Because be opposite,the administrative measure that purchases fund does not reach the designated position, and the established by usage that purchases fund management to cannot cross door of Ministry of finance, superintendency branch is won't give the right of examine and verify that the government purchases fund purchase a center, won't give especially had executed what the canal collects depart to purchase a center to manage, so the responsibility person that gave an issue is very clear, because capital examine and verify is,superintend the function range with current department. So be aimed at such situation, purchase a center to there is idea? Have! The contract can be made clear to be opposite inside mark book bilateral conventional provision, should purchase an unit to issue pay in detail measure, and as a result of what purchase square responsibility and cannot pay on time, so the responsibility that purchases a person to should be assumed; Want to put the sheet of examine and verify that purchases superintendency branch to purchase money authorizedly into mark book at the same time, of authorized to doing not have capital purchase an item uniform do not grant to purchase. The clause that the examine and verify that purchases fund is in charge of by who wants in mark book prominent place is listed come out, also offerred a supplier to seek the clue that solves problem germ sex.
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