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Whether does the result that review bid need to purchase a person authorized (be
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Authorized job puts the issue that be in. The government purchases the job is very the job of systematization, cannot in order to slant without exception complete, the work is far from complete, the decision-maker of any projects must have the professional accomplishment of decision-making respect, come so, made decision ability fairness is reasonable. Purchase a person authorized win the bid to need authorized person to purchase legal laws and regulations and relevant operating sequence to have certain knowledge to the government likewise as a result, and should have fair heart, cannot wear problem of blinkers look upon, want to be on the foundation of the labor gains that respects a commissioner, the analysis that undertakes be practical and realistic, make an on-the-spot investigation, research, serve as the basis of act with evidential authentic, cannot gossip, also cannot give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk, want to respect the written consent of the supplier, the sincerity that believes a supplier and honor the agreement ability; but at the same time also cannot be biased, lose a principle, insipidity indulges a supplier also cannot be taken. From the operation practice looks, non-standard authorized job basically has the problem of the following respects: It is to want to pass choose of authorized link reelection to win the bid person. Generally speaking, purchase a person to want the project of invite public bidding to oneself, have choice cause commonly, and the collective that the government purchases a program is alternative, do not allow to purchase a person to make a provision to choosing a target again, often can appear win the bid candidate is not the case that purchases person forecast end, so win the bid as what remedy measure person examine and verify, offerred an opportunity to purchase a person, intentional be enlightened crosses this kind of authorized means to come to what try every means cancels a commissioner to decide to win the bid candidate, but the test that this kind of behavior wants to suffer each respect, those who purchase a center to be able to ask to purchase a person is authorized and strict ask to undertake according to legal laws and regulations and mark book, the pressure risk that candidate and fairness of all bidder requirement win the bid to compete in the meantime also is worn in test purchase a person, purchase a person to be in before making a decision, must want to consider afore-mentioned factors. But although such, also cannot stop the action that purchases a person to disturb a government to purchase order with a variety of excuse. Win the bid for example the quoted price of candidate became low, purchase a person to fear the supplier cannot fulfil good contract, accordingly, think the impulse that passes authorized change result exists at any time, on this crucial link, the combination that purchases orgnaization and supplier it is very important to control capacity. 2 it is muddle through one's work, basically quited the job of this respect. This kind purchases a person to should say to hold bases, since purchase a center to organize invite public bidding,they think, it is the vendor that chooses to come out by commissioner collective, so authorized had not been necessary, gave a problem to also have nothing to do with oneself namely, basically quited authorized job then, allow in order to purchase the eventuate of central organization assess completely. The 3 questions that are pair of discovery are big and change or fussily, authorized job is non-standard. Although undertake winning the bid,some purchase a person the authorized job of the result, but run rise very non-standard, do not make authorized conclusion in time inside time limits of the regulation sometimes, make the government purchases labour feel embarrassed to be in sometimes with progress; when discovering a few major problems, also be muddle through one's work, perhaps undertake furtive communication with the supplier merely, serve as the basis of a kind of argy-bargy even, make the job that do to finish a leader on time, not hesitate the important matter is changed small, bagatelle was changed, but get extreme act again sometimes, enlarge a got-up affair unprincipledly, production contradiction.
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