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Whether does the result that review bid need to purchase a person authorized (on
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" the government purchases goods and service invite public bidding to bid administrative measure " (the Ministry of finance 18 order) fiftieth 4 requirements, the committee member that review bid can want to issue the report that review bid to the result of assess, its content includes a lot of, but the mainest part ought to win the bid to judge mark to be mixed as a result await pick supplier sort list, the proposal giving mark of the committee that review bid. Fiftieth 9 set further again, purchase acting orgnaization to ought to be in after the end that review bid inside 5 weekday send the report that review bid purchase a person, purchase a person to ought to be inside 5 weekday after receiving the report that review bid, win the bid according to what recommend in the report that review bid await choose supplier order to win the bid certainly supplier; is OK also beforehand accredit judges prize committee to win the bid certainly directly supplier. Purchase person proper motion to organize invite public bidding, the supplier wins the bid certainly inside 5 weekday after ought to judging mark to end. Put forward to review mark result here by purchase the person's authorized issue. Purchase a person to cannot win the bid certainly casually supplier, “ does not win the bid according to what recommend lawfully without warrant await choose supplier order to win the bid certainly supplier, perhaps win the bid in what judge prize committee to be recommended lawfully await choose the ” that the supplier wins the bid certainly beyond the supplier, want to give disciplinary treatment. So the way of this kind of formalism is efficient, whether does the efficiency target that purchases pursuit with the government contradict, cancel advantages and disadvantages of this kind of cognizance means where to, from more the angle that is helpful for a government purchasing an operation looks, these problems are necessary to undertake be discussinged deep.

What is purchasing the person's authorized purpose. Say substantially, what purchase an orgnaization centrally is all purchasing an item is to suffer purchase person precatory, undertake according with inside precatory attributive limits " the government purchases a way " operation behavior of the regulation, concentration purchases what the orgnaization offers according to purchasing a person to purchase program, issue announcement of invite public bidding, file of formulate invite public bidding, these programs are the course purchases a person authorized, standards of grading has faced grandfather cloth in mark book, random and draw-out commissioner gives each bidder to undertake integrated grading according to the specific provision of grading method, reach of each bidder notch sort, the result has legal sex, in principle is anybody cannot be changed, this is the authority of collective choice. And have commonly inside mark book win the bid project of the careful after the qualification of candidate, purchase a person to have right to winning the bid of candidate honor the agreement truely capability of ability, the effectiveness of aptitude, financial standing, technology undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation mixing authorized, if discover the paper data that bidder place provides and actual condition have gross error, below the circumstance of evidential authentic, authority is made cancel to win the bid the decision of candidacy, this perhaps is commissioner assess result the newspaper purchases one of the person's authorized main reasons. Purchasing the person's authorized time is 5 weekday, this paragraph of time can report a case comfortably to unit leader, although should undertake,make an on-the-spot investigation. Purchase the person's authorized purpose to basically consider to reflect in two respects: It is the consideration that purchases an orgnaization to stem from shirk responsibility. Because of the society misapprehensive government is purchased numberless as the sand, the government purchases the tree died, the chair became bad the government is purchased, the price became high the government is purchased, and the function that the government purchases a center is acting orgnaization only just, purchase plan to offer, purchase fund authorized, pay, check and accept, the government purchases superintendency management to wait is not the function that purchases a center, although fulfill only government purchases executive right, also be to choose to win the bid only supplier just, and this kind of choice is not by purchased a center to say to calculate, choose according to grading method collective by the commissioner however, purchase a center to do not have any power to make decisions, fall in this kind of circumstance namely, social all circles is quite much to the government is purchased or be being misunderstood, not be to purchase the responsibility inside central function limits all to purchase a center to undertake asking duty, so purchase an orgnaization to also be protected for ego, prevent to purchase a person to censure purchase central supplier the choice is undeserved and bring about a contract to fulfill quality to have a problem, win the bid the final power to make decisions of the supplier is handed in by purchase a person to come authorized, it is very good ego safeguard, encounter again honor the agreement quality and check and accept unqualified problem, win the bid supplier desert incident, offer inferior product and sham product incident, dimension to protect when cheating behavior with the service, those who regard act as authorized authority purchase a person to want to assume main responsibility, purchase a person always won't the mouth that oneself hit oneself; 2 it is to reflect the influence that purchases a person, outstanding demand square part position. Purchase a person to win the bid as demand square alignment the person undertakes final authorized, offset the needless loss that the likelihood is deficient in as a result of commissioner job and causes, also be when provide plan and specific requirement to oneself look round, from theory and practice two respects see be perfectly justified. The result newspaper that purchases a government the center purchases unit examine and verify, purchase agency person to be communicated in time with unit leader, undertake information is exchanged, on this foundation redo goes out to whether want to have the decision that makes an on-the-spot investigation further, alignment wins the bid of candidate honor the agreement ability has comprehensive knowledge, take a contact with the supplier, a few data that in inspecting a process, master are very precious, although although cannot serve as,abandon the basis of mark, also be pair of contract provisions is accurate decide a generation is active action, the bosom friend tells the other, emerge victorious in every battle, make oneself are in active position, also facilitate both sides of supply and demand fulfills middleman and guarantor to run good cooperative state in the following contract so, unapt the situation that causes at swords' points, be helpful for finishing a government to purchase materiality job in harmonious atmosphere. 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