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How to raise a government to purchase review bid rigorous sex (on)
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The government purchases the spot that review bid to be able to discover a lot of strange things constantly, generally speaking, the new issue that the spot appears at any time is unthinkable at ordinary times arrive, because such, ability gives us the sense of a kind of unexpected results, rise to what the government purchases quality, what mark book makes is farther perfect, systematization and logic increase, stimulative action is tremendous. Plant from this for angle, if the mark book personnel that make has an opportunity to participate in spot of open sealed tenders, conduce to the difficult problem in discovering the commissioner works, and the integrality that the concept in mark book limits, reduce the respect such as different meanings sex to have profit. A few perceives hard at ordinary times problems that purchase project agency person to also want to discover to the spot have to understand roughly, can analyse in the following project put forward in the meeting, the particular job that purchases a center to promoting more on step has profit greatly. A few issues that the article gives through purchasing spot of open sealed tenders to discover to the government undertake an analysis, announce the government purchases the becomes aware not easily flaw in the job, put forward a few specific aim remedy measure, the hope can be helped somewhat to raising a government to purchase quality.

, carbon is tagged with quantitative problem. The government purchases a file is the document that contains legal nature, the control to relevant details must rigorous, because mark book is the supplier, basis that purchases person and commissioner to review bid, also be the immediate cue that handles a few dispute, no matter state complete, file of invite public bidding will make the text version that everybody abides by jointly. , carbon is right the supplier bids the regulation of the file, should stipulate bidder is offerred commonly inside mark book, the amount of carbon, and “ is made clear on mark book cover, carbon ” model of written characters. To, carbon amount does not accord with a requirement, perhaps did not make clear model of written characters, general situation can be handled vaguely, come so very the job that goes against a commissioner, and still can leave a few sequela, if was not made clear, carbon, so bid with respect to the specification the file does not have distinction, and appear truly when two mark books have distinction, give priority to very hard with who certainly, cause the disorder that reviews bid. When the amount does not accord with a requirement, commissioner cannot be the same as check and approve for a short while to arrive of the supplier bid file, because this operates advantage from the commissioner, the government purchases the respect regard such as rigorous sex, ambitious travel stipulates “ model of written characters and quantitative ” do not accord with a requirement, uniform handle according to invalid mark. Be being purchased because of the government is with all possible means the process of linkage, those who ask to purchase party is close cooperate, if bidder abides by even the detail that file of invite public bidding provides clearly hard, the reliability that honors the agreement smoothly very hard to the person assures.
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