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Concentration purchases an orgnaization to should perform function lawfully (on)
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Since our country executes a government to purchase a system oneself, main effect was produced in purchasing acting orgnaization to purchase a process in the government centrally, especially " the government purchases a way " promulgate carry out, the right that purchases acting orgnaization to concentration, responsibility and obligation have specific provision, the behavior that purchases acting orgnaization centrally is normative with each passing day also, author union work is real, do good government to purchase the job to talk about bit of understanding and experience centrally with respect to effort.

The government purchases a center to should locate lawfully qualitative

" the government purchases a way " the 16th: “ purchases an orgnaization to act as agent to purchase centrally orgnaization. The government of above of the town that establishs a division, autonomous prefecture purchases a project to organize the need that purchases centrally to establish concentration to purchase an orgnaization according to this class government. ”“ purchases orgnaization dispute to seek profits centrally career legal person, purchase matters concerned according to purchasing the person's commission to deal with. ” " the government purchases a way " the 60th: “ government purchases supervisory management department to must not install concentration to purchase an orgnaization, do not get those who participate in a government to purchase an item to purchase an activity. ”“ purchases acting orgnaization and executive authority nonexistent subordinating relation is other perhaps the interest concerns. Meaning of ” main content is as follows:

The regulation purchases the property of the orgnaization centrally. Concentration purchases an orgnaization to should act as agent to purchase orgnaization. Because concentration purchases the function of the orgnaization,basically be to suffer entrust a representative to purchase person organization to purchase an activity. Before and be being organized purchasing an activity, must with purchase a person to sign entrust purchase agreement, entrust clearly purchase item and respective right and obligation.

But, as purchase acting orgnaization, the government purchases center and general intermediary representative orgnaization to have substaintial distinction. This distinction basically has at 3 o'clock: The first, the government establishs purchase a center according to real need, general intermediary representative orgnaization is proper motion organization is declared to concerned branch lawfully permissive, namely both create main body different; the 2nd, purchasing a center is career legal person, it is nonprofit, and general intermediary representative orgnaization is legal entity, it is purpose; in order to seek profits the 3rd, the major servicing limits that purchases a center is mandatory. By " the government purchases a way " the 7th regulation, purchase a person to purchase the government that brings into concentration to purchase directory to purchase an item, must entrust purchase central representative, do not entrust be no good, entrust orgnaization of representative of other and general intermediary to also be no good. Purchase central scope of business to contain ” of “ forestall sex it is thus clear that, and general intermediary representative orgnaization should pass market competition to pull take business, purchase in the government blame concentration can act as agent to purchase directory only in the domain inside purchase an item.
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