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Concentration purchases an orgnaization to should perform function lawfully (bel
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Must hold to the value orientaton of high grade and efficient service. " the government purchases a way " the seventeenth regulation: “ purchases an orgnaization to undertake a government purchase an activity centrally, should accord with purchase the value under the market average price, purchase efficiency taller, purchase quality the demand with admirable kimono good Wu. ” this is the main demand that purchases the job centrally to the government, also be the government purchases a center should importunate value orientaton. Whether achieve these 4 requirements, matter to the volume that purchases limits centrally, matter to purchase a center to develop prospect. Purchasing a center is era purchases a person to begin those who purchase an activity, if purchase market of price prep above is average the price, purchase efficiency to cannot satisfy the need that purchases a person in time, purchase quality to cannot realize content to be worth somewhat, cannot provide high grade and efficient service to purchase a person, purchase a center to also lose the value of existence. Say normally, purchase a center to begin concentration to purchase an activity, have dimensions advantage, often be the same as contact with of of all kinds supplier, study market characteristic, prices, achieve afore-mentioned requirements conditionally. From us practice circumstance of nearly one year looks, insist to center the value orientaton that purchase, most of core is to should establish the thought that serves to purchase a person, want to purchase a person the service regards as is the central job that purchases a center. This is to fulfill a when purchase central function important facet correctly. Should admit, we some purpose purchases the price, sufficient affirmation that purchases quality to had not gotten purchasing person and society, we have some of comrade to often still holding a kind in the arms not the state of mind of ask for help, sit back and wait purchases a person to come, mirror our servive routine to be not highlighted. " the government purchases a way " the seventeenth asks strictly to purchasing an orgnaization to put forward centrally, heart of the bureaucratism style that should keep clear of to purchase an orgnaization to be caused easily centrally namely, responsibility is not strong, work efficiency consciousness of not tall, service is thin wait for malpractice. As what purchase a center the staff member must be remembered well, offer the ” of “ bounden duty that high grade and efficient service is us active and actively to purchase a person.

Must hold to interior to be supervised each other, restrict each other. " the government purchases a way " the 61st regulation: “ purchases an orgnaization to ought to build system of inside supervisory management centrally. Those who purchase an activity is decision-making ought to make clear with executive program, and be supervised each other, restrict each other. The personnel that agency purchases and be in charge of purchasing the contract examine and verify, responsibility limits of authority that checks and accept personnel to ought to be made clear, depart each other. ” this is establish essentially the basic regulation that the government purchases central interior to run, demand government purchases central standard to operate, prevent cogged, achieve just, fairness. " Hubei province government purchases central business work to run regulation " make actually according to union of this one regulation, integrated place purchases central interior together one place, purchase 2 place to be being formed supervise each other, the relation that restricts each other. Actual condition shows if achieve end from the beginning by controller of a project,one purchases an item, give an issue probably, and gave an issue say to not be clear about. Of a project carry out, measure of part of one's job, undertake by the program, want to make clear responsibility limits of authority to every phase, be in charge of an organization by different person, on one order is right below one procedure is responsible, below one program should is opposite on one program undertakes checking, the person that and want in executive crucial link has room of two different point attends. Our interiorly was supervised last year on did a few works, we still will adopt measure to be strengthened further this year. (In)
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