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Construction of priority discipline of 1-9 month the Fuzhou City goes well
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Construction of priority discipline of 1-9 month our city goes well, the investment that finish 20.57 billion yuan, occupy year of plan to invest 63% , increase 1.43 billion yuan compared to the same period. Among them: 89 are in build priority discipline to already completed investment 15.6 billion yuan, increase 4.43 billion yuan, occupy 69.6% ; Priority discipline of 74 plans new go into operation already had 38 formal or the part is moved build, start working rate is amounted to 51.4% , the investment that finish 4.96 billion yuan, occupy 48.4% ; Priority discipline of 20 provision such as Kang Hong dock of berth of 0# , 2# , 3# , early days finishs operation area of bay of head of ox of the harbor below long happy pine early days works, begin to move build.