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Guangzhou zoology garden 12 projects lay a foundation
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A few days ago, dongguan zoology garden of 12 projects lay a foundation indicate development construction enters a Dongguan zoology garden that plans more than two years to boost level actually. This covers an area of 31 square kilometer, aim to develop zoology and property be in harmony to be expressed great expectations at the garden area of an organic whole: Make the economic point of growth with new in the future Dongguan.

Dongguan zoology garden is in charge of appoint the exposes a card to show Dongguan increased an as smooth as town street level newly at the same time municipal government of the meeting expedites an unit.

Company ancient dorp also is south inside zoology garden

Concern chief introduction according to zoology garden, establishing zoology garden certainly at first is in June 2006, municipal Party committee, municipal government decides the land of two side undertakes quick to the eastpart part way be developed as a whole at that time, joint meeting of leading group of classics city party card discusses after, as a whole area names for ” of garden of “ Dongguan zoology, establish zoology garden to be in charge of appoint meeting.

Zoology garden shows “Y” glyph on whole of area under administration, land comes from the eastpart part the small house pace of quick way along the line, east 6 towns such as stone of platoon of hill of hole, tea, unexpected drop, stone, look forward to. This area gathered together the water system of Dongguan the eastpart part and main humanitarian landscape, these resource will be used integratedly, make the functional division of advanced manufacturing industry and union of zoology travel photograph.

Dongguan citizen is familiar south company ancient dorp is included inside zoology garden area, in 12 projects that laid a foundation a few days ago, among them one is road of join of “ ancient dorp municipal project ” .

In 12 projects, majority belongs to zoology environment to transform, the respect such as prevent or control flood of contaminative processing, drain flooded fields. Canal appoint can express, its job train of thought is “ zoology before preferential, prevent floods by water control is, with green for base, it is source ” with water. Li Yu of Dongguan city mayor expresses in the speech completely, dongguan zoology garden will be made make the economic point of growth with Dongguan new tomorrow.
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