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Harbin will be built " 4 old other people shed harbor "
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Recently, " northeast area content sheds course of study to develop a program " come on stage formally, built prospective northeast area to develop old other people to shed pattern.

Sort development in the light of content, " program " deciding Harbin city is northeast area north integrated content sheds central city, to this province and Jilin north the content of area of area, Inner Mongolia the eastpart part flows have stronger radiate to drive action; North and south of the play in flowing to matter of Russian border trade is fore-and-aft reach the hub action with transverse thing. Development locates for northeast north extent content sheds a center, shed a center to Russian time other people; Key development commissariat and farming the industry other people such as manufacturing industry of by-product, equipment, medicine, petro-chemical, the sources of energy, lumber flows and content of border land port flows. The key builds regional content to shed garden area and content to shed a center.

Become northeast area north integrated content sheds central city, develop to shed a center for international content hard, harbin sorts construction highway thing other people of harbor, railroad to shed content of harbor, aviation to shed content of harbor, shipping to shed harbor “ 4 old other people shed harbor ” .

It is reported, haing city sheds other people of harbor, railroad to shed content of harbor, aviation to shed harbor, shipping in construction highway content when content sheds harbor, kind of will the following kind comes true. Among them, rely on dragon to carry content sheds garden, the thing of highway of Harbin country artery that builds muti_function, modernization sheds harbor; Rely on station of center of Harbin railroad container to build railroad other people to shed harbor; Rely on area of economy of International Airport of peace and tranquility and airport of peace and tranquility of corridor of Ha Daqi industry to build aviation content to shed harbor; The “ that shipping content sheds the construction of harbor to want basis the Ministry of Communication and Russia Department of Transportation to be signed in Beijing is used about Heilongjiang and Songhua River in the consultative ” of freightage of foreign trade of Russian shipping organization, strive for the support of country and province actively, include the relevant program of country and province item of infrastructure of the shipping on Songhua River water, start as soon as possible carry out, realize this province to build the strategic conception of big channel of trade of classics of the international on water at an early date.
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