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220 kilovolt Chinese redbud of Zhangzhou change Ⅱ period project joins movement
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Below the effort of power builder, on October 13 afternoon, Ⅱ period project casts transformer substation of Chinese redbud of the pacify austral 220 kilovolt smoothly carry.

Transformer substation of 220 kilovolt Chinese redbud is located in inside industrial district of city of hill of Na Jing county, always invest 120 million yuan; Began construction in March 2005 build, started power transmission in October 2006, it is this county transformer substation of first 220 kilovolt. To optimize Zhangzhou city further western structure of electrified wire netting, satisfy better Na Jing, gentle the need that two counties admit with electric bear, stimulative place economy grows, this year, bureau of Zhangzhou cable industry throws 30 million yuan again, implement project of Ⅱ period extend to this station, namely: In original a capacity is installed for 120 megavolt (#1) advocate on the foundation of transformer, add a capacity newly to be 180 million volt-ampere (#2) advocate transformer.

Bureau of Zhangzhou cable industry and Na Jing county attended the ceremony of the power transmission that start that day about the leader.