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The 4 railroad go into operation such as second line of A of library of Na Jiang
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Railroad library Er straps Na Jiang to Akesu railroad A of second line, Lanxin pulls mountain pass to close electrification to transform car of project, library to Russia to fine valley Huobulake. At the same time start working builds 4 railroad, in Xinjiang and even Chinese railroad unprecedented is on construction history.

16 days morning, the municipality straps train west station to hold 4 railroad go into operation to arouse in library Er congress. Wang Lequan of secretary of Party committee of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, municipality announces project start and lay a foundation for project earth up.

Liu Zhijun of secretary of railway ministry leading Party group, minister, lanzhou military region politics appoint Li Changcai, municipality and force of · Bai Ke of Er of exert of leader of manufacturing construction large unit, Ai Li more · depends on bright Ba Hai, Ai Sihai to carry · Kelimubai, Nie Wei country, and Xu Ming of secretary of municipal Party committee of Jiangsu province vice-governor, Xuzhou attend arouse congress lays a foundation for the project. House-owner of Lu Chun of member of railway ministry leading Party group, undersecretary holds plenary meeting.

As we have learned, second line of A of library of Na Jiang railroad, stand from Kuerle derivative stand to Akesu, overall length 520 kilometers, project estimation invests 5.1 billion yuan, after building, will alleviate the state of carriage insecurity of Na Jiang area, get used to the carriage demand of rapid growth; A of Lan Xintie road pulls mountain pass to close electrification to transform a project to fine valley, dong Qijia valley closes, mountain pass is pulled to A on the west, full-length 1580 kilometers, investment estimation 8.33 billion yuan, structure of Xinjiang road network will be optimized after building, improve carriage ability and service quality, produce the integral effect of passageway of bridge of mainland of the 2nd Asia-Europe adequately; Overall length of library Russia railroad 92 kilometers, estimation always invests 1.95 billion yuan, its build to reasonable use, development Russia Huo Bu draws resource of gram area mineral products, the mineral products resource that builds stable, safe, economy, diversity guarantees a system, economy of stimulative nation region grows, will produce main effect; Multicoloured bay reachs black accurate railroad general temple paragraph full-length 94 kilometers, be located in economy of slope of north of Xinjiang day hill to head core division, estimation invests 1.2 billion yuan, its build be helpful for accelerating Xinjiang to allow east development of natural resources of mining area coal is used, promote development of industry of new energy of coal chemical industry, improve investment climate of area of along the line. 4 railroad predict 16.58 billion yuan total investment is close, will be in future builds inside 3 years.
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