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Wuhan center the city zone builds go into operation of middle and primary school
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Yesterday, those who be set in street of Wuhan head path is new 81 middle schools begin to begin construction, the mark is worn Wuhan center the city zone builds middle and primary school 14 times to leave formally build.

According to Wuhan city educational bureau introduces, the 81 middle schools that build this will have 40 classes, when predicting to term begins to next year autumn, will satisfy 27 child nearby enter a school that build a village. And central area is other project of new extend of 13 middle and primary school also will star building inside year, predicting next year is all and finishing.

It is reported, school project reachs middle and primary school of 14 new extend this year in plan, at present already start working or be about to the project of start working has 4, the project that start working strives for inside this month has 2 (of 硚 mouth 79 counteract constant dock middle school) , the project that start working strives for inside November has 2 (the Gu Tian of mouth of Hong Ji elementary school of Hong Shan, 硚 teachs garden) .