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Dongguan zoology garden 12 projects lay a foundation
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Eve, dongguan zoology garden is in charge of appoint can uncover a shop sign formally, at the same time 12 projects lay a foundation ceremoniously. In spot of project foundation stone laying ceremony, as earth of the first 抔 scoop, fall, the development that with network of afforest of water system punish, environment, road the project is core one builds upsurge to develop dynamic land. As we have learned, 12 projects that eve of Dongguan zoology garden lays a foundation include zoology garden water system integrated punish project 7, zoology afforest project 2, road infrastructure project 3. Through cut corrupt treat corrupt, clear silt enlarge canal, dig a lake to build a series of projects such as afforest of the ground, wet construction, municipal road, scenery, one is the Dongguan zoology garden of core landscape with wet zoology, will present its beauty appearance gradually.

After zoology garden builds, dongguan core the city zone will from advocate the city zone, “ that is the same as sanded, Song Shanhu is Trinitarian ” , evolve give priority to the city zone, Song Shanhu, “ quaternity ” that is the same as garden of zoology of sanded, Dongguan, form an area the area of Dongguan city core of 400 square kilometer.