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29 industry project centers Shu in relief county start working
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Yesterday morning, jiangsu of developing zone of Shu open economy is plump and smooth-skinned the 29 industry project such as limited company of science and technology centralizes go into operation.

Since this year, the unity of Shu in relief county according to municipal Party committee, municipal government deploy, advance new-style industrialized process quickly, push attract big project with all one's strength, be in hard move is big bring strong in outspread gross, qualitative condition is optimized in outspread gross, economy of comprehensive promotion industry grows arrangement, happen frequently of capital attraction climax, the project is introduced and construction obtains remarkable result. Up to now, shu in relief county introduces item of developing zone industry in all 92, the agreement invests amount 10.26 billion yuan, among them project of 100 million yuan of above 31. Yesterday the 29 industry project of start working, involve machinery to make, the many industries such as treatment of spin dress, food, project total investment amounts to 4.098 billion yuan, among them project monomer dimensions project of 100 million yuan of above 16, 500 million yuan of above 2, jiangsu installs total investment of limited company of in relief handicraft to amount to 1 billion yuan. This approves a purpose to center start working construction to be sure effectively promotes Shu open economy to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, develop quickly continuously for society of whole city economy increase new power.

Zhang Xin of director of standing committee of National People's Congress of secretary of municipal Party committee, city is opposite in honest speech Shu in relief county the concentration of 29 industry project start working expresses enthusiastic congratulation. He hopes Shu in relief county is farther aggrandizement time consciousness, high-quality goods consciousness, service consciousness, go all out with all one's strength grab big project, total heart serves big project, ensure project of all start working builds go into operation as scheduled. In the meantime, entire county wants up and down cogent enhance sense of urgency, sense of responsibility, hearten spirit, insist a target, work energetically four quarters, with more the concept of lead, more the act of deal with concrete matters relating to work, promote the standard that enrol business hard, enlarge the effect that enrol business ceaselessly, ensure achieve goal of annual capital attraction satisfactorily, realize bigger breakthrough to make new larger contribution at an early date for whole town.