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Henan province aid builds Sichuan river oil 7 projects at the same time start wo
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On September 27 morning, the joy that start working construction is everywhere inside river oily city picture. 7 projects such as project of project of highway of school of love of village of Central Plains love, Central Plains, Jiang Zhang, Fu Jiang Sanqiao while start working construction, 8 projects ” enters the “ that indicates aid builds a Henan province commitment in the round phase of materiality start working. Vice-governor magnify is defended in attending love of elementary school of love of village of Central Plains love, Central Plains, Central Plains, learn and courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of river oily city the foundation stone laying ceremony of 4 projects.

On September 26 ~ 27 days, magnify is defended reach chief of bureau of relevant province straight hall to go to river oil in person, risking unbroken the progress condition that Qiu Yu inspected Henan to save aid of speak or sing alternately to build each job, the concerned lead that builds oily city of headquarters of river oily front, river with province aid had have an informal discussion.

As we have learned, “ 4 projects in project of ” of 8 big projects, it is the village of Central Plains love that builds by aid of speak or sing alternately of province construction hall respectively, always invest 120 million yuan, offer the stricken be hit by a natural adversity resident in be an earthquake 1000 to find a place for room, every cover 65 ㎡, public facilities form a complete set builds inside and outside of synchronous executive village; Learn in the elementary school of Central Plains love that by the province aid of educational office speak or sing alternately builds and Central Plains love, total investment mixes 27.2 million yuan for 12 million yuan respectively, class of education of 24 elementary school and class of education of 12 middle schools can increase for place after building; Project of the hospital in the river oily city that by the province aid of wholesome hall speak or sing alternately builds, always invest 70 million yuan, construction outpatient service of 24 thousand ㎡, be in hospital and auxiliary medical treatment use a room, increase sickbed 300 pieces, rebuild sewage disposal system.

Meanwhile, 3 aid build courtyard of welfare of oily city of Fu Jiang Sanqiao, river and Jiang Zhang highway the project also held foundation stone laying ceremony at parting that day morning.