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Make change of silvan the city zone middleaged inside build two big parks
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15 days, municipal afforest bureau reveals government of the district in change and division, before 2012, this area predicting investment, bring endowment about 15 billion yuan, make silvan the city zone, make greenbelt rate is achieved 34% , afforest is enclothed rate amount to 36% , common green ground accumulates average per capita not less than 5 square metre.

Bank river park plays the part of road of beautiful ox drop

“ in recent years, lower part of bovine drop road arrives by the side of the river part, afforest is enclothed all the time poorer, many rock, clay is bare and outer, influence environment. Wang Bin of general manager of limited company of development of Kang Xiang estate introduces ” Chongqing, decision of the district in change builds in along the line bank river park, break earth of hopeful of the end of the year.

Press a design, park of Niu Di Lu Binjiang from on clear temple arrives 210 numbers plum dam 2 villages of street, water front overall length makes an appointment with 1.8 kilometers, add disappear to fall belt, the area will amount to 180 thousand square metre. Wang Bin says, bank the green that river park will make Buddha graph closes is outspread all the time to Jiang Bian, the sewage compartment contain of perforative all fronts also will adopt artistic design, make steamer type view.

“ makes the same score balcony of stage, city besides recreational view scene, bank outside the landscape such as river forest belt, the park still will retain the wall put oneself in another's position with one share old misshapen building. ” Wang Bin says, inside park delimit area, cultural relic of period of 5 the Republic of China protects site of residence of former residence of solid of site of site of existent tall residence, traffic bank school, Li Gen, Wu Zhihui and national senate site dot, “ is change it is to stay, the basis cultural relic protects sectional opinion and decide. ”

Park of the lake that change dragon lies fallow freely

Be about to open the forest of the lake that change dragon that build the park also is one of projects of park of this area key. Chief of municipal afforest bureau introduces the area in change, this park cent is south lake and boreal lake, gross area 270 thousand square metre. Boreal lake will use artificial mining, introduce Jia Lingjiang water to build artificial lake, lake face makes an appointment with 40 thousand square metre. The lake cooperates hill body landscape south, build wet exhibition area, wet landscape area and afforest division, cliff of “ tiger head sheds the foul water below, will pass dark canal all intercept. ”
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