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Always invest settle of 4 billion yuan of projects in all black town
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On October 16 morning, in all major project autograph makes an appointment with poineering base of black town youth start working ceremony is held. Vice secretary of provincial Party committee, support in all Wang Xiankui of group leader of group of leader of black town progress, secretary of municipal Party committee of vice-chairman of province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, 9 rivers, support in all Chen An of assistant group leader of group of leader of black town progress is numerous attend a ceremony.

The major project that this the autograph arranges includes: 4 stars class greets guesthouse to transform construction project, Taiwan another name for Taishan Mountain to bring international biology science and technology project, medium project of boat sunshine electron, 10 thousand luck and electronic project, Duonier project of electron of house car project, Jin Hai, Jiangxi. The major project of start working includes: Project of line of business of wine of project of base of innovation of industry of duck of project of project of China boat solar energy, move treasure electric equipment, duck, the Yangtse River, golf 2 period build a project. Content of these project science and technology prospect of tall, market is good, total investment achieves 4 billion yuan. The autograph of these projects restricts go into operation, for in all black town implementation spans type development was offerred prop up newly.