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Liaoning is energy-saving build and build energy-saving technology material to m
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Learned recently, liaoning province builds hall to was made recently and print and distribute " Liaoning saves energy-saving building and building energy-saving technology material runs way " (method of the following abbreviation) .

" method " regulation, every is in Liaoning is provincial build, rebuild, the construction of the project of civil construction project of extend, use, energy-saving building and construction are involved in decorate and maintaining a course energy-saving technology material is maintained reach the activity that runs related its, all must observe this way.

" method " point out, build energy-saving technology material and energy-saving building to implement cognizance system. Carry out construction ministry and administration of Liaoning province construction strictly to be in charge of a branch to lag behind about limitation, taboo the concerned regulation of technology and product, must not popularize, use build without what maintain energy-saving (technology) product. The builds energy-saving technology material project project that has not build administration to be in charge of a branch to maintain through country, province to using, do not grant to deal with energy-saving building to maintain procedures. Adopt cognizance energy-saving structure, can enjoy decrease close to heat is expended and return material of body of new-style still wall the favourable policy such as special fund. Set to offending this idea, will punish according to concerned law laws and regulations.

" method " come on stage, will thrust saves energy-saving building and the application that build energy-saving technology, material and government into Liaoning, raise civil structure energy resources to use efficiency, drive what complete province builds the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon to fulfil further.