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Construction of senseless regulation sewage treatment plant moves not to amount
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Learn from bureau of environmental protection of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, to accelerate the plan that decrease a platoon, the construction that raises establishment of existing sewage disposal and moving efficiency, inner Mongolia made a provision a few days ago, always have sewage treatment plant to build plan, moving rate not to amount to the area of mark, will be restricted to approve, time-out examines and approve sewage disposal project.

According to new regulation, inner Mongolia asks to plan the sewage treatment plant that built 2007 formerly, must build before the end of the year 2008. Decide 21 newly-built sewage treatment plant also must be finished on schedule this year, the water of pass in and out that installs couplet network entirely is online the equipment that monitor.

Have the construction of sewage disposal establishment, moving efficiency to supervise and urge, the town sewage treatment plant that Inner Mongolia still sets to every includes “ 915 ” program and sewage treatment plant of industrial garden division build a project, if did not press program time start working, will right be in area discharge sewage project to execute be restricted to approve.