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Project of iron and steel of Guangdong Zhan Jiang tears open change to compensat
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September the middle ten days of a month, via Zhan Jiang municipal government research agrees, " project of base of Zhan Jiang iron and steel tears open change building and other to build (compose) build content, attachment to amend plan " announce formally carry out. As we have learned, the building of this plan is compensated than before ask for opinion draft to have clear improvement, protected on the oldest rate broad the interest of masses of the ground that be asked for.

Compensation standard has the building to rise significantly. Amend plan according to what municipal government releases formally, building of general brick timberwork presses 600 yuan / the standard compensation of square metre; And " ask for an opinion to stalk of grain " in it is to press 550 yuan / the standard compensation of square metre; The compensation standard that frame structure building and brick mix a building also raised 300 yuan / square metre left and right sides. Amend a standard according to what will carry out, 2 bricks of the wall outside adornment of all ready, ceramic tile mix a 200 square metre, water and electricity structural building, fairer than before the compensation gold that shows plan to be able to get 30 thousand yuan more.

Final compensation program still added complement clause and a lot of detail sex clauses, give to different situation distinction is treated. Be like a building kind in amending a standard, ” of the wall outside decorating branch of frame structure building for “ ceramic tile and “ do not have ” of the wall outside ceramic tile adornment two kinds, the brick mixes a building to divide ” of the wall outside adornment of rice of stone of ” of the wall outside be being decorated for “ ceramic tile, “ and “ ash ” of the wall outside earthy adornment 3 kinds, compensation standard price difference goes to 50 yuan in 100 yuan between, in order to take care of the difference of cost of building of of all kinds and different illuminative, fairer give compensation. Well kind amend a standard, ” of plastic pipe deep well and “ metal are in charge of ” of canal of cement of “ of fine melt into, “ deep well ” 3 categories. In added additional provision, if example upholds kind of compensation compensatory “ above is of all kinds at the back of the clause fruiter, a number that unit area cultivates more than reasonable the share that grows a number does not grant to compensate, unit area is reasonable cultivate a number to maintain ” by relevant function branch, happen in order to prevent situation of compensatory of rush-planting fruiter, diddle. It is additional in compensation program, individual compensation standard is reduced, will prevent congenial action with this. The house of brick wall canopy that builds for instance, amend a standard by fair before shown “300 yuan / square metre ” or “250 yuan / square metre ” , reduce 150 yuan / square metre; Room of simple and easy canopy amends a standard by fair before shown “220 yuan / square metre ” or “200 yuan / square metre ” reduces 70 yuan / square metre.
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