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Purchase budget making quality not high issue is waited for solve
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Should solve a government to purchase budget making quality not high issue, the author thinks to answer from enhance legal system education of construction, conduct propaganda, harmonious cooperate and supervise the respect multibarrel such as management to fall together.

Strengthen legal construction

Make clear each budget unit to weave the government is purchased with the form of law or code estimated the right and obligation, government of detailed regulation is purchased estimated staff time, content, program, the work out government that build and establishs a science, standard purchases estimated managing system.

Strengthen conduct propaganda to teach

Publicize energetically " the government purchases a way " , strengthen the education that purchases a system to the government to groom, raise each budget unit to purchase the understanding of working importance and understanding to the government, enhance executive government to purchase the consciousness of the system.

Strengthen harmonious cooperate

Branch of various government procurement control, should with finance interior section office of each business director does well harmonious cooperate, unite understanding. Section office of each business director wants a government to purchase budget making job to regard as the thing inside the portion, true implementation government purchases budget and sectional budget to unite decorate, unified appear in the newspaper, unified examine and verify, unified collect, unified make known to lower levels, accomplish caliber to agree, the number is exact.

Strengthen supervisory management

Want innovation to superintend a mechanism, the standard purchases capital appropriate program, strengthen the fountainhead control that purchases fund to each budget unit and whole journey to supervise, should increase the monitoring strength of pair of special fund particularly, should bring into a government to purchase estimated capital brings into a government to purchase orbit to come up entirely.
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