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Jiangxi comes on stage " about advancing afforestation afforest in the round " o
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Government office of the Jiangxi provincial Party committee, civil administration that save a person came on stage on October 6 " about advancing afforestation afforest “ in the round one big the opinion of project of 4 small ” " , put forward to use 3 save level of afforestation afforest whole completely to lustrum promotion, accelerate construction of green zoology Jiangxi.

“ one big the “ in project of 4 small ” one big ” is to point to ensure forest of complete 2010 province is enclothed rate achieve 63% ; “ 4 small ” are to point to the city that establish a division and town seat afforest, afforest of seat of government of villages and towns, afforest of rural natural village, area of garden of infrastructure, industry and mine afforest.

" opinion " made clear project overall objective: To the end of 2010, complete province forest is enclothed rate achieve 63% , change land to get be administeringed basically dene, state of key zone modes of life and relation to their environment is improved apparently; Town afforest class rises ceaselessly; Highway, railroad two side and river river channel are coastal but afforest share is primary afforest, countryside of along the line of line of province of freeway, railroad, country is comprehensive afforest; Preliminary realize farm forest net to change; Industrial garden area is main afforest, library of hill of of all kinds and deserted mine, scoria, gangue comes true answer green, put an end to land bare. To 2012, complete province forest enclothes rate stability to be in 63% , state of zoology of complete province whole enters benign loop; Town afforest level rises apparently; Rustic afforest is improved apparently; Highway, railroad two side and river river channel are coastal and basic the greenbelt that builds zoology benefit and economic benefits to pay equal attention to; Rate of control of farm forest net achieves 90% above; Industrial garden area is comprehensive afforest, vegetation of mining area forest restores to lead achieve 35% .