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Heibei government comes on stage " the executive opinion that builds about accel
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A few days ago, heibei province government comes on stage " the executive opinion that builds about accelerating urban foul water and rubbish to handle installation " (call below " opinion " ) , arrive clearly this year the end of the year, " Heibei saves 915 ” of environmental protection “ to plan " full go into operation builds affirmatory sewage and rubbish processing project. To the end of 2010, save city of above of all county class, county to build sewage treatment plant and rubbish processing field entirely completely, assure to move normally. Rate of urban sewage disposal and rate of life rubbish processing are achieved respectively 80% with 70% above.

Current, heibei saves what already built sewage treatment plant to have 53 counties (city) , there are 75 counties in what build (city) , not the county of start working (city) have 53. Project of urban sewage disposal always invests about 8.39 billion yuan, increase sewage disposal capacity newly 2.374 million tons / day, form chemical oxygen demand to reduce capacity 173 thousand tons / year. Rubbish of complete province town handles what the factory already built to have 16 counties (city) , there are 14 counties in what build (city) , wait for build have 125 counties (city) . Urban rubbish handles a project to always invest about 2.75 billion yuan, to 2010, complete province will build 58 rubbish harmless convert processing plant, deal with dimensions can amount to twenty-five thousand eight hundred tons / day, harmless change processing rate to amount to 80.2% .

" opinion " clear, province government will plan urban foul water and rubbish processing project special and accessorial capital, reached 570 million yuan to planned fund 2010 2008, the foul water that is used at including a country relevant program and financing of construction of rubbish processing project are accessorial.