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Old state city comes on stage " agricultural standardization job implements plan
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According to the report, fulfil to be carried out deep in the center of with provincial Party committee spirit of a file, raise level of safety of quality of produce of old state city in the round, enhance produce market to develop ability, stimulative agriculture synergism and farmer are added close, due effect is produced in making agriculture standardizes the job to develop in agriculture of old state city and rural economics, city agriculture industrialization coached committee is made a few days ago and print and distribute whole town " agricultural standardization job implements plan " .

Whole executive program it is core in order to enhance standard of produce quality safety and market competition ability, in order to build focal point of agricultural standard melt into, advance agriculture to standardize the job in the round inside whole town limits. In the 3 time that arrive 5 years, start system of standard of executive “ agriculture to found quality of agriculture of project of demonstrative ” of standard of agriculture of ” project, “ , “ to monitor a system to build “ of ” project, produce project of ” of high grade and safe attestation, “ is at ease promotion of standard of agriculture of project of ” of construction of produce standardization terminal market, “ serves ” project to wait for 6 big projects, make our city agriculture finally preliminary form the standard system with a sound structure. Plan is made (long) revise agricultural place criterion 20 above; The standardization that builds 200 to have demonstrative belt to move action sets an example area (base) produce bibcock business with standardization, cultivate course of study to standardize a village among them 100, aquaculture standardizes a village 100; Build a monitoring system that reachs domestic advanced level, build safety of quality of a provincial produce to monitor a center integratedly, 5 counties class detects quickly station; Build and execute routine of safety of “ produce quality to monitor, source goes definitely, product date from and information release ” 4 superintendency systems; Cultivate terminal market of 3 standardization produce, practice market control of standardization, standardization, the produce quality security that these city places sell amounts to mark rate to be in 95% above; Build market admittance system, advance dish of wheaten, melon, fruit, pasturage the standardization production of produce of 4 kinds of advantages, cultivated foundation is changed to go up in area, standardization production is enclothed rate amount to 60% above; Build standardization information to serve a system, the has professional technology and standard knowledge agriculture standardization that trains a 1000 people popularizes a team.
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