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Heilongjiang stipulates major construction project wants to establish record
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On October 10, from Heilongjiang province archives bureau understands, this province was made recently came on stage " Heilongjiang saves archives of major construction project to run way " , begin to apply since that month.

According to introducing, annual Heilongjiang saves various government to director branch should be organized or entrust constituent complete to check and accept a few build, in build, the project that revises extend and technical reformation, for complete save a project to be in application project approving, construction, management and the historical record that in checking and accept a process, form, this method stipulates the project builds an unit (legal person) should deploy archives administrator, should build material of perfect project file to collect, arrange, wait for a system surely, ensure project record is complete, exact and use effectively.

This method returns a regulation, the project complete that branch of officer of various government investment organizes prefectural class above or entrusts an organization is checked and accept, all should include to accept the job to the check of project archives, be checked and accept without archives or check and accept unqualified project, must not pass complete to check and accept.