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Without stannic water environmental protection byelaw was carried out on Decembe
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New castigatory " water of the town that do not have stannum environmental protection byelaw " (next abbreviation " byelaw " ) , already was in via saving standing committee of 11 National People's Congress the 5th times the conference was approved on September 29. On October 6, from standing committee of National People's Congress of the city that do not have stannum concerned branch understands, new orders of this one prevent floods by water control, will rise to be carried out formally on December 1 from this year. Among them many clauses reflected “ ironhanded treat corrupt, science is treated too the legislative principle of ” , formed window of more than 10 “ initiate ” that have local distinguishing feature.

Set ” of “ the Incantation of the Golden hoop to violating a platoon

To violating a ban the administrative measure of blowdown behavior is not quite strong, it is the insufficient place that administration of old in the past environment executes the law. To solve this one problem, " byelaw " the construction action that produces water pollution to the likelihood in activity of of all kinds construction, make one by one prohibit strictly setting, to blowdown banned unit installed ” of 3 “ the Incantation of the Golden hoop, gifted concerned branch more strong executes the law method.

" byelaw " regulation, to violating the unit of compasses blowdown behavior, environmental administration executes the law the branch can instruct its stop production to rectify; To what produce with start working of a variety of reason do sth without authorization, branch of environmental protection director is in after maintaining, can issue written document, to violating a ban the unit stops water supply, power supply, air feed to wait; If still cannot check, environmental protection is in charge of a branch, can tell executive program through be not, apply for to be carried out compulsively to the court directly. Administration and judicatory together prevent floods by water control, it is the another innovation of this place legislation.

Highest be punished 1 million yuan

“ illegal cost is low, abide by the law cost is high. Legal system of standing committee of ” city National People's Congress is versed in appoint concerned personage expresses, execute the law in the light of this one current environmental protection the outstanding problem that face, " byelaw " inside the condemnatory extent limits that goes up to set to breaking the law, to the environment illegal behavior set higher amerce floor level, increased condemnatory strength.
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