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Fill south publish new rule force to protect rural highway to build mass
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In the light of rural highway construction chooses much side wide, and mostly layout is in out-of-the-way countryside, together with is entering the rare construction fastigium on the history currently, if do not take effective measures,aggrandizement project quality manages, what the Hui Min of huge is versed in Cheng can become project of ” of broken bits of “ bean curd is actual, come this year, city traffic bureau is filled south band is sturdy boost rural highway quality year activity, the rustic highway construction that published a series of effective administers a regulation, force protects those who build rebuilt each village highway to become farmer masses to be at ease road, safe path, the rural highway that is instantly like a raging fire builds strung ” of rope of quality “ insurance. Among them most of effective should count “ 5 do not check and accept ” system: Did not achieve those who design a requirement to be not checked and accept without road surface of blueprint paper, roadbed namely; The grand design change in project did not press those who stipulate the newspaper is approved to be not checked and accept; Odd driveway did not install what necessary one vehicle gives another the right of way to be not checked and accept; Did not undertake detecting mixing to project quality of appraisal do not check and accept; Did not fulfil what conserve manages responsibility to be not checked and accept. Set at the same time, always bring into “ the rural highway construction of 915 programs ” must not be changed easily; Bring into the project that builds a plan, want with be identical of actual project phase, ” of forbidden “ confuse one thing with another, “ steals peach to change plum ” ; Project construction executes county, countryside, village 3 class are in charge of making, layer upon layer guard a pass, compose builds “ government to supervise, the self check of manage of inspect of responsible, project, company, quality that masses shares ” manages owner system; In construction construction, construction technology personnel must round-the-clock spot superintend and director guides, examination. Also made new regulation on technical standard, ask the highway that connect a village repairs cement road surface entirely. The highway that know native place can repair bitumen road surface, but do not get laid piece stone roadbed, must laid 30 centimeters of large gravel stone bases.