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Sale of our country pesticide develops a trend to forecast
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Our country pesticide produces the severe test that company experience competes via old market, in direct to the market from enterprise of traditional type of production model in the process that the enterprise transforms, it is a product no matter innovation respect still develops recognizant field in the market, had great progress than planned economy period, produce can increase substantially with breed, the development strength of the international market is increased ceaselessly, state-owned pesticide enterprise finished great majority to change make, business of a few large mainstays came true successfully still to appear on the market financing, viability and integrated competition actual strength had the market of the enterprise to rise apparently.

Mix as the change of environment of domestic and international market however ceaseless aggravate of competition, the action in market competition is raising the sale element such as service, brand, channel, talent quickly, a lot of new not affirmatory elements will be affected and change existing market competition structure, accordingly, did not come to those who develop a tendency to forecast to market of our country pesticide appear very difficult. The writer develops the research experience of the process according to relatively mature to other industry, the development that links trade of our country pesticide appears shape and industry characteristic, induct the good opinion of the personage inside partial course of study, from the staple of market sale the analysis sets out, make the following shallow forecast to the development trend of sale of market of pesticide of prospective our country, offer industry colleague reference.

One, the pressure that the product is adjusted by barrier of trade of international market green and domestic policy, pesticide of chemistry of tall poisonous tall remain will exit historical arena, fake the product also can lose vivosphere stage by stage, the change of external environment brought a challenge for pesticide enterprise already, but also offerred new development opportunity. Pesticide produces an enterprise to should take product structural adjustment seriously highly, be developed actively and search efficient low poisonous low remain to replace a product, apply what all sorts of technology measures are improved and improve small poisonous small effect to use medical effect, be on guard seriously all sorts of management risks that product transition period may bring, as early as possible the commanding elevation that product of race to control competes.

Additional, technical progress will bring about product lifecycle to shorten further, try to finalize the design with 9 the idea that the product will come to create long-term profit for the enterprise will be gone forever. This must quicken the pace that new product develops with respect to requirement enterprise, the poor dissimilation market that adjusts each products ceaselessly develops strategy, ensure the enterprise lasts benign move.
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