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Aluminous radiator of our country die-casting develops an analysis
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80 time aluminium makes the century on radiator already was developed namely; 90 time our country pays close attention to aluminium to control the development of the product of radiator very namely, of the research and development that aluminium of our country of this one period controls radiator and patent project declare very active, at that time basically is extruding aluminous profile solders shaping product. As foreign sheet piece the input that assembles die-casting aluminous product, our country also began to appear die-casting aluminium and the trial-produce that are not product of die-casting aluminous radiator. November 2000, radiator of aluminium alloy of Tianjin blessing happy card because select material mistake, appear continuously in Beijing split run water accident, dweller loss is huge, each sign up for front page serialize, ever became Beijing news heat for a short while, close down from this enterprise; After this, the product of entrance die-casting aluminous radiator such as Luo Ka, use in our country.

Long-term since, heating radiator committee pays close attention to the promotion application problem of light-duty radiator from beginning to end: The expert is right related constituent industry of anticorrosive mechanism tackle key problem task; Our country aluminium was built to make radiator in Lanzhou base of anticorrosive experiment research; Energetically coating of the surface inside support considers to develop the work; Popularize all sorts of besmear to install protective technology; Promote the application of passive and anticorrosive technology; Popularize the job such as product of compound metal radiator. Meanwhile, the science that promotes heating water quality actively turns management. Was in 2006 " 915 ” of “ of industry of Chinese heating radiator develop a program " in, the progress that makes radiator to aluminium is special put forward “ fixed position to make clear, choose reasonable, make sure safety uses the requirement of ” . For this, active organization writes committee occupation standard of radiator of die-casting aluminium alloy, with normative product quality, science develops home market reasonably.

Die-casting aluminous radiator has very bright distinguishing feature, it is odd above all piece go all out close assemble a structure, module is assembled, whole is very light, choose convenient, adaptability is strong, sexual price is compared good; It is exterior whole feels strong next, the surface is exquisite and bright and clean, planar sex is good, and have with Yuan Zhu iron piece type radiator is different, distinctive structural aesthetic feeling; The 3rd have good diathermancy can, excel tradition is cast-iron radiator. Be like a professor to say, aluminous to die-casting radiator is at present advantageous is, a few have bigger produce can the enterprise of actual strength, it is a target with the international market, exercised company competition ability and product to make craft standard; 2 it is to get used to the market to expand demand, carry out experience and lesson according to what apply before, guide science is used and develop continuously, occupation standard of radiator of aluminium alloy of our country die-casting is being made in; 3 it is the promotion that the product reflected market demand newlier steadily. At present aluminium makes radiator product type solder by extruding aluminous profile radiator of made column wing section, evolve to radiator of die-casting aluminium alloy, obtain grow more quickly, this is the inevitable result that product high-quality goods turns development.
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